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Friday, April 10, 2009


Let the wind take me away,
As cars go rolling past,
The sun is down at last,
I walk along and pray,
That the wind takes me away.

And the wind will make me fly,
Above the bustling crowds,
On past the soaring clouds,
Higher than birds and sky,
There the wind will make me fly.

Let the wind take me away,
I push against the night,
And imagine I'm in flight,
I walk the road and say,
Will you please take me away?
Hallan Turrek - Liberation

"Just go over and say hello," Korvan said before sipping on his drink.

"Yeah, that sounds like me," Hallan said while putting his head down.

The By Jove was bustling and Hallan nodded to the bartender again. He set a glass in front of him and poured out a yellowish drink.

Korvan shook his head, "What are you in high school? Quafe? Getting drunk will do wonders for your social life man,"

Hallan downed the glass and muttered "Whatever,"

"When's the last time you got laid anyhow?"

"A year ago I think. And only cause the Caldari Navy ordered me too,"

"Wow. No wonder you're depressed," Korvan stood up and walked over to the crowd of women that Hallan had been eyeballing all night. Hallan almost stood up to follow him but turned around and winced instead.

"Hey," Korvan said to one of them, "My friend over there thinks you're cute,"

The girl looked over at Hallan, who was turning redder by the minute, "Shy?"

"You have no idea," Korvan walked back over to Hallan with a smile on his face. The girl followed him and sat down on the bar stool next to him.

"So. What's your name, shy boy," She leaned over towards him.

"Hallan, uh, Hallan Turrek," He looked over at Korvan with a puzzled look on his face.

"I'm gonna go Hal. I'll be around tomorrow," Korvan waved for the Bartender. The man walked over as Korvan pulled out his Credichip.

Hallan put his own hand out and waved the bartender away, "You really think I'm going to let you pay at a bar I own? Seriously. Just be safe,"

Korvan chuckled and turned around, "Hey whatever man. I gotta offer," Korvan walked towards the door and chuckled to himself.

The girl looked at Hallan intently as he took a sip of his drink again. She tilted her head to the side and said "You own the bar?" She smiled softly, "My name's Resika,"

Hallan shot a look at his quickly departing friend "Dammit Korvan,"


Hallan woke up and rolled over. She'd already left, and he picked up the note that she'd left him on the bed.

"Sorry, Have a new job I gotta get to. My number's on the back. Call me," Hallan smiled and stood up, looking out over his hangar.


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