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Monday, April 13, 2009

Leaked To The Media

I had uh, recent discussion between myself and Chip Mintago, one of the many candidates for CSM I'm interviewing. It was leaked yesterday by the Scope. I provide the transcript in full here, so you may see that no underhanded tactics are being used.

Hallan Turrek > Ahoy hoy.
Chip Mintago > Hi Hallan
Chip Mintago > How're things?
Hallan Turrek > Do you perhaps have time between orphanage shakedowns for an interview?
Hallan Turrek > Good, you?
Chip Mintago > That whole business was blown way out of proportion
Hallan Turrek > I have a horrible cold, so unfortunately we'll have to do the interview in text form, by the way.
Hallan Turrek > I'm sure it was Mr. Mintago.
Hallan Turrek > The Orphans surely goaded you into that.
Chip Mintago > I can't do it today, actually, I'm afraid. Can we set a date for the 15th?
Hallan Turrek > What time?
Chip Mintago > What would suit you?
Chip Mintago > If this is the right sort of time, 01:00 eve time would work for me
Hallan Turrek > It is not actually.
Hallan Turrek > During the week my times change.
Hallan Turrek > 5:00 Eve Time would be ideal for me on on the 15th.
Chip Mintago > One second while I check something...
Chip Mintago > Ok, yes, that would be great
Chip Mintago > Thanks for this!
Hallan Turrek > Alright. No problem. Hope you have an enjoyable day.
Hallan Turrek > About the Jovian childrens fun though.
Hallan Turrek > How tall can I get a child?
Chip Mintago > Current limit is about two meters
Hallan Turrek > What's the price?
Chip Mintago > It's a donation, even 10000 isk a month will help them buy essential air filtration equipment
Hallan Turrek > I'm not sure I can afford that just yet.
Chip Mintago > It's just you know, well childhood is a very special and in many cases very expensive time
Chip Mintago > I'll tell you what I can do
Chip Mintago > Hold there for a moment and I'll find you something almost as good...
Chip Mintago > Sal passed out on the "sofa" here, I'm just waking him up
Chip Mintago > Since you're such a fan of our charity
Chip Mintago > Which I hasten to point out is not just a front as people unscrupulously suggest
*Hallan Turrek nods
Chip Mintago > I've sent along some stock in the company, and a few of its subsidiaries
Chip Mintago > Did it come through?
Hallan Turrek > Why yes it did.
Chip Mintago > See the best thing for you, is that if you pay your cameraman here or the catering guy in stock
Chip Mintago > There's no tax
Chip Mintago > It's a win, win
Chip Mintago > They can just exchange it for goods and services and don't nobody pays any tax
Hallan Turrek > Fantastic, While of course our discourse over your CSM position will be untainted by any undue influence, I appreciate any and all gifts.
Hallan Turrek > As I too am a legitimate businessman.
Chip Mintago > Tell you what though, kid
Chip Mintago > You wouldn't believe what I heard a guy say the other day
*Hallan Turrek nods
Chip Mintago > This is a guy in Jita I heard -- clearly he has no idea about democracy and freedom of the press
Chip Mintago > Things you and I are so passionate about
Hallan Turrek > Absolutely. Steadfastly resolved I am.
Chip Mintago > This is going to show you how different some people are
Chip Mintago > You'll be appalled
Chip Mintago > This guy I heard actually say he'd send you 100 million isk for any of the other, non-Mintago, candidates you arrange to look bad in the interviews.
Chip Mintago > You believe the nerve of that guy? That attacks both of our reputations.
Chip Mintago > According to him it would just show up mysterious in your account
*Hallan Turrek nods
Hallan Turrek > That is interesting.
Chip Mintago > Well, I told that joker where to go, I can tell you
Hallan Turrek > As uh, as you should of course.
Chip Mintago > Damn straight. So tell you what, let's do something about it! Here let me send you 100 million, and you can use it to pay for the publicity to counteract that sort of character assassination
Chip Mintago > A donation to protect the freedom of the press
Hallan Turrek > Oh, that sounds like a great idea.
Chip Mintago > Good! We'll show him
Hallan Turrek > Such a good gentlemen to be doing your part to ensure these charactor attacks do not go unanswered.
Chip Mintago > I cannot bear to see lady impartiality bruised
Hallan Turrek > But of course.
Chip Mintago > I take it it came through ok?
Hallan Turrek > It did. I appreciate that.
Chip Mintago > Hey that's not for you. That's for democracy
Hallan Turrek > I understand.
Hallan Turrek > Well Mr. Mintago, we're still on for the 15th correct?
Chip Mintago > Absolutely kid. It's great to meet another citizen with the courage to do what's right
Chip Mintago > 5:00
Hallan Turrek > Yes indeed.