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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Law's Man

You'all can go to hell. I am going to Texas.
Davy Crockett

Continued from Prologue Part 2.

A Week Ago

"Your landing clearance is granted. Descend now," The monotone traffic controller's voice came through the shuttle's speakers.

Hallan tugged at the controls and began to enter the atmosphere of Sotrenzur Six or Shiwakusei as it's current inhabitants had named it. The nearly worldwide desert filled Hallan's view screen, as his eyes attempted to adjust to the light.

Sitting in a cockpit wasn't new to him, but he'd grown so accustomed to capsules that he'd needed some time to adjust. Given his tight schedule, he didn't expect to have that time in the near future. Still his contact had already paid well for the delivery of this shuttle, and Hallan had no intentions of angering his contact if the man could really do what he said.

The shuttle finally reached the docking port and he activated his landing gear. He imagined that with any luck that he'd never need to set foot in the shuttle again as he dialed the engine power back. He grabbed his bag from behind him. He threw his sword over his shoulder while holding its strap with his right hand. He put his left hand over the gun on his hip for a moment before reaching for the door control.

The spaceport was busy. He adjusted the hood on his cloak as he walked into the sunlight. He looked up to see that one sun was directly overhead, while another was obscured behind him by his ship. As he walked out of it's shade, he saw both of his shadows appear on the ground.

"Hallan Turrek. Welcome to the Oasis," Two men were walking towards him and Hallan put his bag on the ground.

"Pashir! My friend!" Hallan smiled delightedly at one of the men. Hallan and Pashir came together in a hug as the other man picked up Hallan's bag.

"It's been too long," The man continued as they hugged.

"Yes it has," Hallan said, before they parted.


"When I first heard you were coming to visit Shiwakusei, I knew I had to be there to meet you," Pashir took a sip from a white porcelain cup.

"It's been a while since I've visited Oasis," Hallan said, also drinking from a similar cup, "Hora Tea?"

"Of course,"

"I've always found it amazing that something that tastes this good is the color of shit,"

"The Hora Herb is naturally brown in color. You know why,"

"You guys're lucky most of the insect life here are herbivores,"

"After spotting a swarm of Bolan Flies a few weeks ago, I understand perfectly your point," Pashir paused to sip his tea before continuing, "What brings you to Oasis anyhow?"

"I'm looking for a guy called Clem Lokan,"


"Brutor. He's supposed to be my contact with Concord,"

"Salia couldn't believe it when I told her you were going legit. The Minmatar are going to help you get back into Concord's good graces?"

"Sort of. I mean they sent me here, you know, to talk with Lokan. He was supposed to contact me," Hallan looked down at his right wrist for a moment as he spoke.

"My whisking you away interrupt your plans?"

"Oh no," Hallan held up his wrist, "He's got my personal contact number, if he sent a message, I'd get it here,"

"So we have some time to talk about old times?" Pashir settled further into his chair and sat his cup on his chest.

"Sounds like. So, you and Salia finally tied the knot? How'd she rope you into that?"

"Rope me? Are you insane? Have you seen Salia?"

"Good point," Hallan chuckled as his communicator beeped, "Ahh, looks like we'll have to cut this short,"

"Salia was looking forward to seeing you again Hallan,"

"I'll be back tomorrow. You have my word," Hallan reached his hand out and looked into Pashir's eyes.

Pashir nodded, then took Hallan's hand and shook it.


  1. It's spelled "Ya'll!"

    Otherwise, good read. Good fun.

  2. This Alabama boy knows how to spell y'all.

    But that is not what Davey Crocket said. ;)

  3. True. . .

    I suppose it depends on the region, really. Damn Texas and it's cows.