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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Karaoke Corner #5: Shooting at These Rats All Day

So I'm running on empty right now, at the end of 26 hours of being awake. Given that, you'll forgive this transgression:

Lyrics are on the video, click through to check them out.

I had intended to try that again, after hearing some of the flaws in the recording, but my roommate just got home. I try not to subject people to my singing whenever possible, so you're stuck with the 2nd attempt(ironic no?).

See you on Monday.

Edit: As requested, here's a downloadable version(much higher quality audio, by the by): Click me!


  1. Dude that was pretty kickass (and funny)!

    You did a good job, hopefully we can get another one :)

  2. lols, funny Hallan, very funny. Good singing as well, but very frickin funny.

  3. That was hilarious! You need to do a whole collection of these.

  4. Very amusing matey.

  5. That was brilliant, but i think you need more coffee: