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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Better Look Out

Children wake up,
Hold your mistake up,
Before they turn the summer into dust.
Arcade Fire - Wake Up

"Mr. Turrek?" A female's voice called from the hall outside Hallan's cell.

"Ahh, Sarah?" He said barely raising his head.

"Do you mind if I come in?" She said while deactivating the forcefield.

"Not at all,"

Doctor Peyroux was wearing more sensible clothing today, a pair of black pants along with a white blouse and white jacket. The jacket was long and reached her knees. She sat down in the chair and crossed her legs, "Lets pick up where you left off yesterday," she began.

"Ahh well, about that. I kinda led you on," Hallan sat up and flung his legs over the side of the bed.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that's the end of the story, effectively,"

"How can that be the end of the story?" She asked, putting a rather strong emphasis on the word that.

"You see, when I missed meeting Pashir the next day, he came looking for me. He picked me up in the desert the day after that. I was pretty badly hurt, and he took me to the hospital. The hospital patched me up and turned me over to Oasis's CONCORD Commander,"

"What happened to your shuttle?" She asked cocking her head to the side.

"Probably sabotage, didn't have the time to find out who. I missed out on my contact regardless,"

Suddenly a voice came from outside his door, "It's gotten alot more complicated than that," The CONCORD Commander walked into the cell with Hallan, flanked by both of his guards, "Ma'am," He said facing the Doctor, "I just got a call from the University of Caile. Imagine my surprise when they said they'd finally found a suitable psychiatrist to send our way,"

Sarah stood up and chuckled to herself. She walked towards the Commander with her head hung low, and then instantly moved her hands from her side to his throat, with a knife suddenly in her hand that even Hallan had missed, "Drop your stuns, both of you," She said to the two guards.

Both threw their pistols to the ground.

Hallan scrambled across the floor and picked both of them up, being sure to give her the time to tell him not to. He pointed one at the Commander as Sarah stepped back towards him. She took the other one and also pointed it at the Commander.

"This is going on your record," He sputtered out to the two of them.

"You don't scare me," She said softly, "And his security status is not going to be any worse for wear, I imagine,"

She motioned for Hallan to move towards the door. All three of the CONCORD officers moved towards them at once, Hallan fired at the Commander, while Sarah dropped the one on their left. Hallan's gun fired once more before the other guard got more than a foot farther.

"Very good," The woman said with a smile, "I can see why they wanted you,"

"Who wanted me?" He said with a raised eyebrow as they both exited the cell.

"Probably not a good idea to talk about it now," She added as she activated the cell's forcefield.


"You know you're not a bad shot yourself," He said as they boarded the Harpy.

"Flattery? I knew I liked you," She said, climbing on board behind him.

"I'm serious, you knocked that guy in the head from fifty feet,"

"It's a gift,"

"From who?"

"The Gallente Military," She said quietly.

"Why would the Gallente be interested in me?" Hallan was legitimately confused, he'd never once contacted the Gallente, and had only mentioned his interest to a few people in passing.

"Because the Minmatar aren't. Thank your friend Alfroren," She hit the latch button for the door and it shut.

Hallan looked around the ship, it was an old design, not built for capsuleers, that meant at least two crew members. He climbed the narrow staircase just behind the woman and both of them arrived in the cockpit. He looked at the controls lovingly, "This ship's a thing of beauty,"

"This ship is your new ride,"

"Couldn't get a capsule piloted one out here?"

"Couldn't spare the capsuleer, and besides, I'm supposed to keep an eye on you,"

"Oh? Where are we going then?"

"We're going to get your security status up the old fashioned way,"

Hallan closed his eyes and covered his face with his left hand, "Syndicate?"


"God damn it," He said with a pause, "You're lucky you're hot,"


  1. Bahaha, onward with the ratting!

    Also, when you can get into some 0.6-0.7 space, I suggest some COSMOS sites?