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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Noir Contract #2: Fear and Loathing/Drekla/LGA

That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was all the time I needed! It's not fair!
Henry Bemis - The Twilight Zone

This contract involved not much killing, given that we had two alliances and a corp war decced for the entire week.

Let's review:

Fear and Loathing in New Eden: 8 kills(290 Million Isk), No Losses(0 Isk). 100% Efficiency.

We killed them. I don't mean we killed their ships either. A day after we declared war, every member corp dropped Alliance, leaving the executor corp. It went from about 90 members to 1. So we went on to declare war on the primary corporation which had about 60 of it's members. That corp now has 3 members left. OmegaCorp is officially closed according to it's description. Win.

The Drekla Consortium: 8 kills(170 Million Isk), No Losses(0 Isk). 100% Efficiency.

Didn't disband, which is something, but stayed docked for the entire contract. Even a hint of our forces nearby was enough to send them into hiding. They've bled some members(about 30) over this, but nothing major. A bit of a disappointment, but we lost nothing and they've been denied ratting and pirating for a bit. They had 19 kills in one day on August 30th. They've only managed 12 kills in the seven days of the war, and none of those were against us. Denied.

Legio Astarte Arcanum: 25 Kills(510 million isk), 4 losses(160 Million isk). 75.57% Efficiency.

Now these guys put up a fight. Kind of. They were butressed by the fact that CVA was on their side. They would retreat into CVA space, forcing us to send in roaming gangs that inevitably pissed CVA off. They would fight us on stations with CVA and random neutrals available to buff up their numbers(and get a little neutral remote repping for themselves). When they weren't assured of backup, they would not undock. We did manage to nail of one of their ratting battleships to the wall before the war ended with a nice covert hot drop. Despite their advantages, we still beat them handily. Shiny.

All in all, alot of fun. I thought I'd mention that I declined a 1v1 with Nash Kadavr, due to myself being to busy to take him up on it. Perhaps the next time I'm on R&R Nash.

Edit: And I highly recommend the Noir. blog: Declarations of War. Also: Noir Podcast.



  1. I shall look forward to it! Congrats on the achievements on the contracts!

  2. I'm curious what will happen when you run into some real stiff opposition? Any plans for that?

  3. Kill stuff or die.

    I do not believe there are many other options.