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Monday, September 28, 2009

Noir Contract #4: Immensea

Immensea: 103 kills(3.26 Billion Isk), 18 losses(0.78 Billion Isk). 80.64% Efficiency.

I'm going to lead off with our first kill. It was REALLY nice getting this stuff back to empire. I was moving around a few systems over when it went died.

I came over and as we were waiting for a hauler to come down a Nighthawk got caught in our suck bubble. We tackled him, webbed him and started to fire. He had an EM hole, but unfortunately I was the only one with EM torps hammering him. Myself and the other bomber loaded our remote sensor damps with resolution scripts, and whenever the Falcon missed his jam the time to lock was so long that the Nighthawk eventually gave up completely. He loaded friend or foe missiles that eventually took out our active drones.

I called a strategy of releasing and calling back drones on the recons to help them tank the damage the FoF missiles were dishing out. Normally it wouldn't've been a problem, but given the length of the engagement, the aggregate damage was potentially substantial. It took back up ten jumps, but with other corps members hot on his heels another bomber came down and we finally broke the Nighthawk.

It amazed me how often these guys would just let us kill them. One of our roams even managed to down a macro ratter. We had a t3 cruiser but just didn't have the DPS to finish it. Days after our initial camps haulers still came through the gates. I had a lot of fun with this and hope to do it again.

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  1. Congratulations on your campaign.

    You guys were very professional, and working very well together.

    The lack of organised resistance was mostly caused by The Initiative not being there very much (pvp fun elsewhere) and those that were, were the indies and/or carebears. Still, you did a fine job and got some great kills (that Crane kill is a bit lol though, bet that pilot is kicking himself ;)



    ps: does that mean the contract is over now? :)