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Thursday, October 29, 2009

CVA: Disbanded and Restored

Could turn out to be talking out my ass, but I'm hearing down the grapevine that CVA will be restored after downtime today. For those of you that missed it, CVA was disbanded today by a director of their executor alliance.

I maintain that if the person disbanding the alliance was the owner of the account, it should remain dead. However if the person that disbanded the alliance was not the owner of the account, and was instead some random person who figured out a password, then the Alliance should be restored. It's that simple.

You're going to hear a lot of people soon say that CCP has a double standard between BoB and CVA. That's wrong, as it's two different situations. We all know for damn sure if BoB had been disbanded by someone hacking an account, it would've been restored. It was instead disbanded under existing mechanics by a player who was unhappy with his place in the alliance. If CVA is restored, and it's because an account was hacked, I say good job CCP.

That being said, can someone, anyone really start really pushing CCP to fix this problem(the ease in which an alliance is disbanded)? It's not wrong to use the mechanics as they are currently, but god they're broken.

I leave you with this update from RIGHT NOW:

Boppi - CCP has reacted to CVAs petition, the official answer is in their internal forums.

CVA will be restored before downtime.

Hardin- While this is what we have been led to believe it would be unwise of us (or anyone) to count any chickens at this stage.

Whether the 'restore' happens or not I would from a personal perspective like to thank everyone who has expressed their support either in these forums, other forums or in game. It is sometimes hard to be enthused about RPing 'Amarrian space police' particularly when confronted with a never ending stream of diplomatic headaches and whinage, so it is really cool to see that some people actually appreciate what CVA has tried to build in Provi (even if from our perspective some of it is for the wrong reasons - 'you are good target practice'

Anyway, while I know this is CAOD (and as such this is kind of a stupid request), I would suggest people dial down the speculation for a bit. We will make another statement when we are 100% sure on what has happened and what CCP is (or isnt) doing to correct things.


Not gonna lie, they ARE good target practice.

Update: CVA is indeed restored. Kudos to CCP.

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  1. It was a hack and CVA has been restored: