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Monday, October 12, 2009

Torpedos Reloaded

This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
Rifleman's Creed

You probably saw last week I put together a pretty long fitting guide to stealth bombers. It was and is not comprehensive. It's meant to help people use them safely and effectively.

There are people out there that think a stealth bomber is supposed to be a "solo pwnmobile" as someone put it in the comments. They advise you to fit a point, get in close and pray. Be advised that this will work. It just won't work all of the time, and you will die. My personal opinion is that when flying solo, a bomber is not the best option. When you know a gang is supporting you(tackles being most important), it's best to use the Bomber as a damage platform.

So there are other people who will look at the thing and realize that it can pump out 950DPS with perfect skills, implants, and the right fitting. These people are morons. You must, at all costs protect yourself. You play an intregal role, and if that Beam fit Apoc, or that assault missile Caracal shoots you down, that's less DPS for the gang.

I prefer to survive the encounter. I'm not flying a Rifter, I'm flying a highly specialized piece of equipment. The least I can do is be a highly specialized pilot.

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  1. You see them exactly as I do. I only fly them (normally) when I'm in a gang and know someone else has a point. The only time I do something other than this is when I have it close by and someone in an industrial decides to give me aggro...:)