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Monday, March 9, 2009

I Am Not What I Am - Part 1 of 3

Oh, life is bigger,
It's bigger than you,
And you are not me,
The lengths that I will go to,
The distance in your eyes,
Oh no, I've said too much,
I set it up.
REM - Losing My Religion

"Jared. Wow, nice to see a familiar face out here, and that is a nice ship," Kere Hanon spoke from his seat on the bridge of his own vessel. The man on the view screen smiled back at him.

"Navy Apoc is a fine vessel, but you're doing pretty good yourself,"

"Yeah, a Fleet Tempest isn't anything to sneeze at," Kere cocked his head to the side and adjusted in his seat.

"I hear they made you an Admiral now,"

"Vice-Admiral. You've got Admiral stripes too,"

"Yeah," Jared's face lost expression for a moment.

"What're you doing out here in Ofstold old friend?" Kere looked into the eyes of the other man and picked up a flash of insight just as the man spoke.

"I'm on a mission from the Empress. I'm supposed to take you back,"

"You're the one that let me go in the first place. You're one of the most moderate nobles in the empire, why would..." Kere looked up at his friend and sighed, "She wants you gone Jared,"

"I know Kere. She expects me to fail. And you know what happens to my family if I desert or fail,"

"I'm sorry,"

"So'm I. So, you want to surrender or...?"

"You only outnumber us three to one, I'll take my chances,"

The Amarrian stood up and moved towards the camera, "No matter what happens then, I'll see you in heaven,"

The Minmatar stood up as well and turned away, "No, you won't,"

The view screen flashed off and Kere turned to his comm officer, "Get the Firetail wing and Ruppys on that Navy Apoc. Tell the 'Canes and Maelstroms to get some range on the Harby's and Abbadons. We'll arty them to death. This whole thing's going to hing on that Navy Apoc going down fast. Once that's done, tell them to switch to the Slicers and Arbi's. We can't take them down without the frigate support." Kere looked around at his bridge officers, most of whom were listening to him instead of their consoles, "Lets make the Republic proud,"

"Sir," Came the voice of his comm officer, "We've got a problem,"

"What's up," He said as he threw himself into his chair.

"The Apoc has smartbombs,"

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