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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Am Not What I Am - Part 2 of 3

That's me in the corner,
That's me in the spotlight, I'm,
Losing my religion,
Trying to keep up with you,
And I don't know if I can do it,
Oh no, I've said too much,
I haven't said enough.
REM - Losing My Religion

"Hey," Kere looked unsteadily into the view screen as the image of RoninData appeared.

"My favorite blue pass holder," Ronin said with a smile.

"Heh, best thirty five million I ever spent. You guys feel like coming over to Ofstold and cleaning up a mess?"

"How big of a mess?"

"Pretty big," As he spoke a conduit behind him exploded in a shower of sparks.

Ronin's eyes went wide as he continued on, "Are you already in a battle?"

"Uh, no." Kere ignored the smoke that now filled his bridge.

"Then what was that explosion?" Ronin leaned into his camera.

"Uh, ambiance, I'm Minmatar, wouldn't feel right if something didn't blow up every once in a while,"

"Whatever, we'll be there. Same terms as before?"

"All loot is yours, even from my fleet. Reimbursement for any losses, and the five hundred million is already in your corp account,"

"Good enough, hold on," Ronin turned away from the camera, "Flash put that drink down, we've got some targets. Rest of you, be in a ship in five minutes or we leave without you," Ronin turned back to the camera, "Anything else?"

"Are you drunk?" Kere squinted his eyes to make out the background.

"Uh no," Ronin said with a smile.

"Then why're you in a bar?"

"Ambiance. I'm Minmatar. Wouldn't feel right if I wasn't drunk,"

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  1. HAHA! Really great story so far. That is SOOOOO RoninData-like. Hurry up with Part 3, dammit.