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Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day

In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.
Abraham Lincoln

"You have quite possibly the nicest ass I've ever seen," I laid in bed and watched Resika stand by the window. She covered the front of her with a blanket as she looked down at my hangar.

"This is where I'm supposed to giggle and tell you to shut up, right?" She backed away from the window and sat down on my bed, "I won't though, because you're right,"

I moved towards her on the bed, and brushed a strand of hair away from her mouth before I kissed her.


"Astarte on scan. No, Astarte is here!" Venom sounded a bit alarmed as the command ship came out of warp on top of her. I could hear her frustration and the familiar buzz of a warp scrambler activating over the comms.

"On my way," Nova spoke up on comms.

"I'll be there in a sec," Our Crusader pilot offered.

"I'm in warp," I said with a grin.

"Guys, I'm dying real fast,"

"He's got blasters, get away from them," My smile didn't last long as I heard the explosion.

"I'm dead guys, don't come in,"

"I'm landing," Nova's voice broke through her last comment.

"So'm I," I added hurriedly.

"Astarte Pointed," The Crusader said with a laugh.

"I'm pointed," Nova sounded concerned, "Oh wow guys, I'm going to die,"

Another explosion
over the comms and in a minute two rupture were down.

"Hallan, Ravenesa, get out of there," Nova was concerned about the Crusader and my Ruptures.

"Yeah," I laughed out loud on comms, "That sounds like me,"

Ravenesa in his Crusader was having no trouble avoiding the Astarte's blasters, and the Hammerhead IIs were incapable of catching him. I was orbiting well outside of the Blaster range and was faster than the Command Ship. We were at a stalemate.

For minutes it continued on. He stopped running his speed mod, his capacitor must've been getting low because his armor started to trickle down. In a moment of brilliance he set his Hammerheads on me. I pulsed my MWD and set a full squad of Hobgoblins on one of them. It died swiftly and the remaining drones ran back to their bay.

Then the other shoe dropped and his backup finally arrived. A Falcon decloaked and jammed both of us. The Crusader pilot hung around but I aligned and warped away. As I left though, I noticed something curious. The other ships were leaving too.

Ravenesa laughed as he reported "They ran away,"

We scooped up our own loot and were amazed that we'd managed to scare a Command Ship and Falcon off fresh kills. Just another day in my life.


"Hal," Resika looked into my eyes as I lay with my head propped up and on my side, "What did you think about when he was cutting you,"

"Everything and nothing babe,"

She raised her eyebrow, "That doesn't make much sense,"

"Nothing about it did,"

She laid on her back and looked up at the ceiling, "Because some sanctimonious Minmatar leader called for a crusade against piracy?"

"You're Amarr babe, probably not best to be holding any pent up aggression against the Matar,"

"What we've done was more than enough to damn us for eternity. That'll be the punishment for the true believers," She shook her head and looked back at the ceiling, "I won't feel guilty for things I didn't do,"

"All I'm saying," I put my hand over hers, "Is that they're not bad. We're not good people. They have every right to want to put us away,"

"They'll do it again Hallan, and then what?"

"I've got plenty of contacts in the Republic. They like me. I've already found out exactly who in GIS put a contract on me, and I'll pay 'em a visit before this week is out,"

"What will you do then?"

I ran my hand down her side and smiled, "Live,"


  1. Great post Hallan

  2. hahah, awesome Hallan, I'm telling you, this story is sucking me in!

  3. Hi Hallan !

    Anyone of ours at GIS putting a contract on you ?
    I simply cannot imagine that, but then ... could be some of our newer members.
    We don't focus our recruitment on trained and experienced members as you do. We even take uttermost beginners and train them ourselves.
    Rookies and fresh Ex-Carebears tend to take things a bit too personally in the beginning.