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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let The Glory Out

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.
Maya Angelou - Still I Rise

I imagine the replying comm chatter was pretty calm at this point.

"Just point him and try to kill him, he's been doing this all day. He'll make it to the gate and go through."


I really had been doing it all day. GIS started the shenanigans with a couple of ships sitting on our station. A Nightmare and a Drake. Ships with tanks that could easily hold up until the cavalry arrived. We refused to engage them, but I decided to try some shenanigans of my own.

I darted through the Arnher gate, saw a GIS gate camp on the other side and warped away. None of them were small enough ships to point me, and I counted that as a good thing. I then followed through to Egmar when I spotted a new unaffiliated gate camp. Some corp named Shrodingers Question was camping the Egmar side of the Egmar/Arnher gate.

I almost felt like throwing out a warning, but decided against it. It probably didn't matter, they must've figured I was a part of the GIS squad, because they jumped through when I uncloaked. They continued on into the meat grinder at the other gate, and both sides lost a couple of ships. The engagement was short and to the point.

I warped back to the gate and into Arnher and started to play games. I initially wasn't willing to chance reapproaching on the heavily camped side, but the other side had only an Ishtar. The thing could easily kill me, but not before I made it back to the gate. So I started to see-saw back and forth. Each time they locked me and fired. After about twenty minutes they brought in two interceptors, so I began to reapproach instead of warping on that side as well.

After about thirty minutes I started to hear murmering of tech two frigates camping the Egmar/Arnher gate. I had a funny thought.

I headed to the other gate, and started to repeat my insanity. No one came to the aid of the two frigates on the other side, they'd point me, I'd go through. A couple of our guys got into place on their own, and finally I changed my plans.

I reapproached the gate again, the Crusader and Ishkur approached me at high speed. They hoped to hit a double web I suppose, but this time I approached the Crusader as well and activated a scram and web of my own. RodneyStar began to warp to me. He landed and piled on the damage.

I know the Crusader pilot is screaming to his mates camping the other gate, his mates in space, his mates docked up in system, and his mates in Evati to help him.

I imagine the replying comm chatter was pretty calm at this point.

"Just point him and try to kill him, he's been doing this all day. He'll make it to the gate and go through."

For a few long seconds, no one showed up. I kept applying damage as long as I could. Finally I died. I warped my pod away and did my best to remain silent as I eagerly awaited an update from Rodney.

"Crusader is down, I'm burning away from the Ishkur," Short and oh so sweet, and followed quickly by "I made it, but a huge fleet landed just as I warped away,"

I laughed, alot. I warped my pod back through the gate, both gatecamps in fact. I docked up and stared at a new Rifter with a smug smile on my face.

Under the nose of over twenty GIS and ComStar pilots, in their own system, we traded a Rifter for a Crusader. I call that a win.

Good Day.


  1. Heh heh, that's what this war is exactly!

  2. Hi Folks !

    Hmmmm, checking GIS Killboard I see:
    April 7th: 2 "The Bastards"-Incursus killed by 1 "GIS"-Crusader.
    Searching for a Crusader-Loss I find:
    April 2nd: 1 "GIS"-Crusader lost against a "The Bastards"-Rifter.

    And please: GIS is not Com-Star !
    We don't call "The Bastards" "Hellcats" either.

    Our easter-gift to you is, if you haven't already found out, that Cloud-Members shouldn't be of any concern to you, "The Bastards" and your fellow "Hellcats" anymore.

    So and now let me think about which ship I'll field today:
    Incursus ? (good for Coochie)
    Thorax ? Brutix ? Myrmidon ? Megathron ?
    Damn ! I feel like a woman choosing her shoes.

    We'll blow each other up in space !

    Have a nice day folks !

    Yours truly, Humpfgrunz
    (Fighting for GIS since 2008)

  3. Methinks Humpy is a secret fan of ours :)

  4. My dear Mynxee !

    There is no better dance, than with a women who really knows about dancing, is the hell of a cat with fire in her eyes and she has a strong will of her own. Its the kind of dancing, where time gets forgotten and moments remembered forever. No, it's not lovely ! Moreover it's about provocation, conquering, action and reaction, about sweating sometimes even about hate and disrespect.

    The time I enjoyed flirting with women on the dancefloor and even getting paid for it has passed.

    Now is the time to do that kind of dancing in Eve and finish it with the climax of blasting each other out of ship and pod. Think about my brown eyes, then !

    Yours truly !

    proud Member of GIS