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Monday, April 20, 2009


It was cold blooded murder. But I can live with that.
Tom Doniphon - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

"Did you hear me Turrek?"

I look up with my one good eye and start to laugh, "I heard you,"

"So tell me , what are the defense strategies for the Evati branches of the Bastards,"

"Yeah, that's why I'm laughing. I mean come on, you think you're so smart. So regimented. Your trap didn't have to be so perfect you know. You'd have got me with half the effort.,"

"Flattery will get you nowhere. I'm taking your eyelids,"

"Oh great, so I get to look at your ugly face all day,"


"I will know the answer,"

"You don't want the answer," I try to blink away the blood in my eye. The irritation is killing me now.

"I want to know!" He wields the bloody knife above his head.

"There aren't any," Water is coming from my eye now. I can't stop it anymore.

"Not good enough," He grins wider and puts the knife in my mouth.


I can't talk anymore through the blood. He knows I can't talk. He chuckles to himself and puts the knife to my throat. This is it.

I've gotten them loose.

My head smashes into his nose. I stand up and grab his knife hand. He's not very strong. I rip his arm down and twist it behind him. The knife deftly slips from his fingers and I grab it just as quickly. His other arm begins to move wildly. I bring the knife to his throat and move it from ear to ear.

We both fall to the ground, his soft gurgling a welcome respite from his constant blathering. I roll away and wait for his friends to come.

No one comes.

I cry.


"That's incredible. Who was he?" Mynxee cocks her head to the side and her braids sway freely.

"I have no idea. Probably an independant contractor for GIS," I take a sip of my Quafe.

"You don't look any worse for wear," She says with a grin.

"New clone," I say plainly.

"So you didn't tell him anything?" Her voice is soft at this point. She's curious.

I look up with a grin, "Are you kidding me? I told him everything I knew about our defense plans for this station,"

"We don't have any defense plans for this station," She smiles and sips her own drink.

I stand up and put on my hat, "I know,"


  1. cool story hallan

  2. Heh, GiS are always over-complicating things from what I know of them.

  3. Heh, I like these stories...they make you think about how the knowledge that you have an unmarred clone waiting of your would affect the behavior of capsuleers in situations like torture. I suppose if you're not hooked into your pod, you'd die a real death, so the fear of that would be real and motivating. Are there Chronicles on this topic?

  4. There are actually. There are even chronicles on the methods of torture each race uses.

  5. Quite by accident, I've read the story of your abduction out of order: first Shae's post, then Roc's, and finally this.

    There's nothing like some old-fashioned literary suspense to sweeten one's coffee in the morning. Thanks!

  6. Hallan, I am sincerely sorry that this happened to you, that some of our own, in their "overzealousness" could think it right to take such matters into their own hands.

    I hope you will accept my sincere apology on behalf of the Republic, and trust it will not interfere with our relationship.