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Friday, June 5, 2009

OOC: Update - June 2009

We're back here again.

How's things going for me? I'm apparently taking a break from playing for a bit. I got bored as hell ratting up my sec status, but I know it has to be done. So I'm just waiting till I get the urge to get back to playing so I can kill it with boredom again.

I had originally intended to do factional warfare after I could enter 1.0 space again, but I don't think that was meant to be. I had sincerely looked forward to winning back some territory for the Gallente Federation, but apparently if you can't be on after downtime you're wasting your time. That leaves me with missioning as a goal right now, though not a very interesting one.

I'm sure you've heard from everywhere that the blog community is exploding right now. I'm trying to stay on the edge of it all. I put up an advertisement over at "Poglogs" in exchange for an ad here. There's alot of content out there for you to see, and I hope to bring you back here time after time.

Lets do some links(has anyone figured out by now that I only link people who're linking or talking about me? I hope it makes up for my almost never commenting on other people's blogs.):

Shae says goodbye.
Roc says hello.
Mynxee says solo.

Read 'em and weep.

Good Day.