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Monday, June 1, 2009


The real contest is always between what you've done and what you're capable of doing. You measure yourself against yourself and nobody else.
Geoffrey Gaberino

So, who's up for a contest? Not one of those penny contest where you win ten million isk as a top prize, but a real one. One prize, one hundred million isk. Interested?

I thought so.

First of all, lets cover the eligibility. Only those people who follow my blog are eligible. If you have to make a new blogger account just to do it, you'll have to do that. If you're already following, leave a comment on this post with your ingame name and you're in the running. Specific instructions here: Followers of this blog who leave a comment on this post with their ingame name are eligible. No one else will be.

Now, how will I determine the prize winner? I'll be randomly selecting the winner from the list of eligible participants.

When will I determine the prize winner? Here's the tough part for you guys. In order for the prize to be available, my traffic has to go up. Here are the indicators I'll be watching:
  1. At least 70 followers.
  2. Average visit of 200 on a day I post. That is to say, I'll average a Monday, Tuesday, and Friday visitor total. That's visitors, not hits.
  3. 500 visitors to this post.
  4. The posts at the end of this one must get 100 visitors.

How to achieve this, I leave to you. Link me in your blog, tell your corpmates, find a reason to link me in the Eve forums. You've got a fair chance to win a hundred million isk.

Oh, and to sweeten the pot, I'll throw in a million isk for every eligible participant if we reach the goal. Driving traffic my way has never been so profitable.

The contest is over on August 2nd. Either I win(and no one gets paid) or you win.

The stuff I hope new readers enjoy enough to come back for:

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You have two months. Drive.


  1. Hey Rubber Duckie, you're not following the blog. You're not eligible yet.

    Wink wink, nudge nudge.


  3. ...this seems like a win-win.

    Hal Helkern

  4. You crafty devil you ;)

    Mdih Lihu

  5. Been following on capsuleer, couldnt pass this up :)

    Mr Terry

  6. Now this is MY kind of contest :)


  7. Nice, a 100 Million ISK reward is enough to get my competitive juices flowing.

    It took me however half an hour to setup a "follow" link. I don't read your blog through blogger -- just Google Reader & Capsuleer.

    And being my regular opinionated self I had just a few comments on the competition itself:

    My comments on Eve Blogging for Money


  8. The chance of free money? I'm in!

    I honestly thought I was already following this blog... its in my "blogs you follow" folder in google reader after all. strange.

  9. I would like iskies. But I'd read your blog anyways.

    Cle Demaari

  10. Zargyl - well interesting idea, though not as good as the rest of your posts 0;-)

  11. I don't follow that many blogs anymore. I'm really glad yours is one I still read. :)

    Leumas Kharzim

  12. Holy crap, hope someone really lucky and who really deserves to win this large prize!

  13. Good luck reaching your goals (nothing like outright bribery).

    Luc Sulla