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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Closer To Home: Chapter One

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
Marianne Williamson

The rain outside fell heavily on the taxi as it came to a stop. Hallan stepped outside of the car and pulled his coat tighter around him. The tall buildings that surrounded him reflected the dark clouds above, and he fought his way through the crush of people to reach the building in front of him.

This was New Caldari Prime, fourth planet in the New Caldari system. Since the exodus from Gallente space, the Caldari had built themselves an empire. Nowhere near as large as the Amarr or or Gallente empires, it's military might rivals that of any of the great powers.

Standing at the base of one of the corporate skyscrapers on New Caldari prime, Hallan could almost imagine the CEO's plotting behind their plasteel windows. He didn't need to talk to them today though, he needed to go to the bar.

The inside of the building was just as packed with people trying to get to and from work. The people droned about like sheep. Water dripped from his hair as he looked up at the signs, and the water running off his coat began to form a puddle on the tile floor. He saw the sign he was looking for and headed in the direction it pointed him towards. He found the bar tucked behind the elevator. He locked the door and turned to walk further inside.

As he walked in, he allowed his eyes a moment to adjust to the light. The floor was carpeted and there was a faint burning smell in the air. There were booths along the wall, and a few tables in the middle of the floor. The chairs were tall and wooden, and the stools along the bar were made of a clear material. A single chandelier hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room to provide a bit of light, and allow for the dark corners that such a place needed.

"Trieze?" Came a voice from behind the bar, "I thought you were dead,"

"My brother is dead," Hallan said walking closer to the man, "Who are you?"

"We're closed," The man spoke from behind two bulbous lips. His eyes were sunken in a head that proved a size to large for his body. The man was skinny but tall. He wore a t-shirt and carried a towel.

"How closed?" Hallan asked, sitting down on a stool.

"Very closed. Look, I liked your brother. He was a nice guy, always paid his tabs on time. It's a shame something happened to him, but that's life right?"

"You talk alot. If you got something to hide, I don't think I'll be leavin' anytime soon," Hallan reached into his coat pocket and fingered his gun.

"Yeah, I don't know anything," The man began to walk towards the kitchen door as Hallan pulled his pistol from his pocket. He pulled back the hammer and the man stopped as he heard the click.

"You know, they put a hole in my brother's head the size of a pea. Up close and personal. You know what that's like?" Hallan smiled as the man slowly turned around.

"I'm glad I've got your attention. You know something. That something may just be enough to save your life," Hallan cocked his head to the side as the man's eyes widened.

"Look, it's not me ok? It's the Serpentis. Your brother was in with 'em. Deep. I used to have him sell the stuff here but he started sampling his own stock. One day, 'bout a month ago they started coming in here looking for him. Said he had an outstanding bill. They started to threaten me. Last I seen of your brother here was a week ago, and when he left one of the regulars was followin' him out. Don't ask me why he came back, I don't know, but the next day they found him floatin' in the Yul," The man had backed up to the kitchen door and was staring Hallan's gun down.

"Got a name on the regular who was followin' him?"

"Yeah, he's got a tab here. Horane Besaka. Brutor. I was going to warn your brother about it, that's how's I remember the name,"

"Thank you," Hallan said as he got up to go.

"He never stole from me, always paid me on time," The man started, "If he'd just sold the stuff, this never would've happened. You know, your brother was a good man,"

Hallan fired a single shot, and only the sound of hammer coming down rang through the bar as the bullet flew through and out of the bartenders head.

Hallan walked over and looked down at the bartender, "I told you, my brother is dead."

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