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Friday, November 14, 2008

OOC: Across The Universe

Words are flying out like
endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass
They slip away across the universe.
The Beatles - Across the Universe

What is the point?

Everything I learned about piracy I either taught myself or learned from blogs. I'm not anywhere near the best out there, but I'm pretty good in my niche at this point. It's almost two months later, and of course there's more to learn.

When I went into low-sec on the 24th of September I didn't even know how to work my scanner properly. Three days later I caught a blog post by Kane Rizzel that filled in the blanks on scanning people. His blog was one of the reasons that I started pirating in the first place, so if I kill you, you can blame him.

Actually while I'm at it, lets list off the piratey blogs that really got me started on this Bastardly Path of Death and Destruction. There are four blogs I followed before I even started pirating.

  1. Kane Rizzel
  2. Ka Jolo
  3. Flashfresh
  4. Mynxee
If you've got a brain in your head, and you actually read some of the stuff they post, you'll learn something, guaranteed.

Anyhow, reading should teach you something. Dying should teach you something. You're always learning in Eve, and not just with skill training. Did you know you can scan down anomolies with a shipboard scanner? I didn't till a couple days ago. Netted me a Vexor and a Bellicose kill for my troubles.

I trained an old corpmate yesterday in the proper use of safespots, undock points, basic combat tactics and scanning. I think I'm going to write up a few tutorials on those topics to get people started on the road to piracy.

I'm learning in game too, give me a month and I'll just be able to sit in all the frigates I want to. Give it a couple more and I'll be able to use them extremely well. After that? I'll probably start on cruisers.

It's always a grind.

I'll end with this, if anyone comes away from my blog a bit better informed than they were before they started reading, I'll be happy. I want you to learn, that's why I write ridiculously detailed battle reports. I want you to know what I did and why.


Good day.


  1. Adapt or die. True in life and in EVE.

  2. New Eden is a much richer and more interesting place thanks to all the blogs out there. Thank you for the mention--in turn, I've definitely learned a trick or two, or been reminded of a useful tactic, from reading yours.