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Monday, November 17, 2008

Closer To Home: Chapter Two

When I pretend everything is what I want it to be
I look exactly like what you had always wanted to see
When I pretend, I can’t forget about the criminal I am
Stealing second after second just cause I know I can but
I can’t pretend this is the way it’ll stay I’m just
Trying to bend the truth
I can’t pretend I’m who you want me to be, so I’m
Lying my way from you
Linkin Park - Lying From You.

A Week Ago

"I've been following you since the club. Going back was really dumb,"

Treize Turrek stood with his hands against a wall. The alley was dark, and Caldari Prime's moonless sky provided nothing but the twinkle of stars to illuminate the night. The man behind him was patting him down and held a gun against the small of Treize's back. The gunman pulled a wallet and several packets from Treize's pockets.

"I just need a little more time," Treize started as the gunman interrupted him.

"My boss says you don't get any more time," The man took a step back and cocked his gun.

Trieze spun around and tackled the man, knocking him to the ground and causing the gun to fire harmlessly into the sky. Treize smacked the man's hand off the ground until he dropped the gun, then Treize grabbed it, scrambled to stand, and ran down the alley.

The gunman followed him to the end of the alley and turned to follow in the direction he'd gone. Treize had already disappeared, and the man slumped his shoulders.



"Where are you?" The girl's face on the vidscreen was almost pleading.

Treize leaned uncomfortably down and whispered into the microphone, "I can't tell you right now, but I'll be at your apartment before the night's out," Treize leaned back and looked up and down the street.

"Alright Treize, be careful," The girl's sadness had transformed into happiness in an instant. Despite his precarious position, he was pleased with himself for that very fact. He allowed himself to smile for a moment.

"You uh, you need anything?" He asked the question as though he already knew the answer.

"No actually, I've got some here already," Her smile hadn't broken yet.

"Uh, really? Ok," Treize looked up and down the street again, "We'll talk about it when I get there,"

"We can. I love you Treize,"

"I love you too Kat,"


  1. I really dig your story, Hallan. I've been lurking here in the shadows reading it, but I felt I should tell you: it's a real gem.

  2. I really appreciate that. Thanks!

    It's nice to have a comment every once in a while, lets me know I'm not the only one readin'.