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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OOC: The Bastards Vs. KIA Alliance: Video and Links

Thought this deserved it's own post. Congratulations again to my Corpmates on such a nice win.

For some details:

KIA Alliance fielded: 7 Ishtars and 1 Vigil
Everything Died.

The Bastards. fielded: 3 Abaddons, 1 Scorpion, 1 Scimitar, 1 Celestis and 2 Griffins.
They lost 1 Celestis and 1 Griffin.

There are a few blog posts about it as well.

A Mule in Eve

Dense Veldspar

Flashfresh--The Pirate

Letrange's EVE Blog

Life in Low Sec

Sweet Little Bad Girl

Mahn AlNouhm has done a wonderful write up from his perspective as a participant, and it deserves a good read:

It's also his first piracy blog post, so show him some traffic please.

Good Day.


  1. I mentioned it as well.

    Great match.

  2. All those links are to posts about our match specifically, or else it'd get to be a linknaught. I appreciate your mentioning us though, thanks.