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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make it your life

If I could be inside her light
I would steal enough to make my way into the night
And if I could be inside her light I might just find I'd be alright
Train - She's On Fire

Jaxxon's comms went silent, Amamake did that to a person. The Curse was a hundred and fifty kilometers out. I kicked on my microwarp drive and began to burn in his direction. I called out the situation to my wingman and he began to warp in my direction. As he did, I saw a Brutix hurtle past me and land at the warp in point. I quickly turned, informing Jaxxon as I did so, and warped away. My Caracal and his Lachesis could almost certainly take the Curse, but not with the Brutix supporting it.

He unfortunately warped in alongside the Brutix, who nailed him down and began to burn his shields away. I offered to return but my wingman said he thought he could get away.

Nope, the Brutix was too fast, he's going to go down.

I initiated my warp drive in his direction and let him know I was on my way. I'd give it something to think about, and maybe give my wingman a chance to get away. I was warned off. No need, I was told, to lose two ships.

"Dude, I'm already in warp," came my reply.

I came down on the Brutix and opened up with scrambler and missiles. His armor was holding steady and I just wasn't fast enough to help the Lachesis. The Brutix turned his attention to me and I aligned to leave. It's massive tank easily held up to my damage, and it was slowly scorching my shields away. Shields dropped, armor melted, and the ship began to develop huge holes. I hit the warp button and to my amazement his point had failed. I entered the warp bubble and laughed. My Caracal was at fifty one percent structure.

I streaked like a comet to the Brutor Tribe Bureau.

Good Day.

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  1. That's signature Hallan right here, ain't it? :) Or would tackling a carrier with your Rifter be a more suitable icon? Hmmmm.....whatever, you're fun to fly with.