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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Can You Hear the Scream?

Move over, dad, 'cause I'm a double dipper!
Upside down on the zip-zip-zipper
1,2,1,2,3, I′ve got a ticket so ride with me
Mary go down on the merry-go-round
All is fair on the fair ground
Love go slow, love go fast
Licorice twist gonna whip your ass.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Roller Coaster of Love(Remix)

When I first decided to work for the Minmatar and resign my Caldari commission, it was pretty apparent I couldn't stick around in the Caldari Navy. I had to find another corporation, and the very first Corp I joined was called Da Miner Elites.

Most of our business was terrestrial in origin. Those who'd started the corp were pod pilots who mined under the watchful eye of Concord. The terrestrial business was actually more of a telecoms company and the name never did fit it. Given the expansive nature of the corp by the time I'd joined, the name was changed to Lost Connection.

As a part of LoCon I helped lead the way in Brutor tribe relations. I'd been working for them for such a long time already, and I enjoyed helping the cause of freedom. We slowly turned our company into a powerful friend to the Brutor and never looked back. Eventually we learned that subsidiaries would be needed to operate on more robust level, and we formed an alliance. It wasn't too long after that, that I formed Good Arms Incorporated, which still exists today.

Given my new freedom, and because of alot of the infighting I saw among the Minmatar during the time I worked with them, I had decided to strike out on my own.

Sometimes I still find my old corpmates and talk about old times, yesterday being one of those occasions.

The Bastards were all drunk in the station, and I was cruising between the stars in my Rifter. I checked my old protocols for LoCon's voice comms, and upon finding they hadn't yet been revoked, I logged in.

I was greeted with friends and strangers, and it wasn't long before my old high-sec friends began to ask about my criminal exploits.

You already know, if you read this, about most of what I've done and am doing. They were surprised and amazed that I was still at it out here. They wondered how I could make any money at it.

Someone offered that he was planning to learn the life of the Criminal as soon as he could fly an Astarte. I mentioned that he was, with all due respect, out of his god damned mind. To anyone who wished to learn piracy, I had a simple suggestion. Bring a bunch of frigates. Loads of them.

A metric shit ton of them.

The guy scoffed, scoffed, at me. At the very least he'd bring a battleship. I told him to tell me when and where, please.

Most of the others were pretty seriously considering what I had to say. One even offered to come out to Evati and go for a roam. Given that most of the corp's missioners are Caldari, he was forced to take the worst of the four combat frigates. The Kestrel works perfectly against the Angel Cartel, but against pod pilots, they're a bit more difficult to use properly.

I didn't care, I've used them before and they are alot of fun. He asked me where I intended to take him on his first trip with a real pirate. I set course for Amamake and told him he'd see when we got there.

We arrived in Amamake and I took us to my central scan point. From there we chased a few ghosts until I noticed a Rifter. After a bit of chasing I figured he was warping to each belt around each planet. Once he headed to planet four, I took the last belt and my wing man took the first belt. We worked towards the middle and my wing man found the target first. He pointed and engaged. The Rifter wasn't very damaged as I showed and burned in his direction. I set up an orbit at around three clicks and let loose with my new Barrage ammo.

The target melted slowly, his armor tank unable to withstand our hammering and he exploded. I tried to get the pod but the pilot was quick on his feet and warped it out. I scooped the loot, pleased to see tech two loot inside and warped back to my central scan. He'd carried five thousand barrage of his own, so I asked if I could have that and gave the modules over to my wing man. He agreed, we aligned to a belt and I kept scanning.

Suddenly a Taranis came up on scan. Interceptor. Properly built that thing could kill both of us. I decided it was worth my time and headed for a closer scan, dragging my wing man with me. Before I was even out of warp I knew the target's location. I said very clearly and calmly on comms "This guy is going to kill us," and initated warp for the squad. He protested vainly as his ship entered the bubble.

We came out of warp five clicks away from the Taranis and before I could even lock he got eleven clicks away. I cursed and headed his way. He then did something both suicidal and unexpected for any Inty pilot. He began to approach me. As he fell back under ten clicks, I threw on a web then, as he fell under seven, on came my scram.

A drone boat, with insane speed that is unable to move is a dead one, and his 'ceptor dropped way faster than his Rifter had. I heard a cheer from my wing man and we scooped some more tech two loot.

I know the fellow has picked up on and now reads this log, so I'd like to make a point. Use a disruptor, not a scram and use your drones next time.

At that point we decided to head to our respective homes, he took a shortcut through Osoggur, as Amamake isn't far away from the home of Lost Connection.

I know that these folks are at odds with Mean Corp as well, so I'm encouraging them to take frigate swarms out and have some fun. One day maybe I'll see them out here in force. For now, I'll be content with showing them a bit of the fun I see every day.

Good Day.


  1. I have bigger ships and decent skills to fly them well, but the most fun and least stressful ships are the T1 and T2 frigates.

    I said..."This guy is going to kill us," and initated warp...

    I laughed at this's SO Hallan Turrek!

  2. Buah, no one should ever give me the fleet warp ability if they want to keep their ship. Seriously. ;)