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Friday, January 16, 2009

Till The Firing Stops

Just because I'm losing
Doesn't mean I'm lost
Doesn't mean I'll stop
Doesn't mean I will cross
Coldplay - Lost!

"Connection to Probe Lost"

I looked over the system map, it was gone. No signal at all. I traveled to planet five, and it really was gone. Oh well. I put another probe out and began another round of scanning.

"Connection to Probe Lost"

Another one just disappeared. Ok, that's out of the ordinary. I'm willing to blame a malfunction for one, but two in such a short time is unheard of. Most weapons systems won't even lock a probe, so I was left wondering who was doing this and how.

"Hey Mynxee," My corps comms were lively tonight, but I cut through with a question, "You ever had a probe just disappear?".

"No," Came her reply, "You're probably experiencing a glitch,"

"Connection to Probe Lost"

"No, uh, the only probe I have left now is the one I dropped between planets. All of the ones at the planetary orbit points are gone," I was still trying to figure this out.

"I'll load up a ship and come over to take a look," She offered.

"Yeah, that'd be fine. There's a radar site in here, and a combat plex," I paused for a moment, "Maybe someone is smartbombing them,"

"It's possible," I heard her say as I warped to a hit.


I'd narrowed down the combat complex by the time she showed up in system. She'd also enlisted the help of another corpmate of mine, BravoFox. He sat in a well heeled combat ship on the other side of the gate. If we encountered any trouble, he'd be ready.

I knew a Prophecy was wandering around, and while Mynxee laid some probes at the planets, I began to set some up off of the planets. My new probes went untouched but it wasn't long before Mynxee spoke on voice comms.

"He's here, he's approaching the probe. He just smartbombed it," she paused for a moment, "He just left,"

So that's it.

"My systems are glitching out," I lied in local, "My probes are just dissapearing,"

Mynxee and myself began to probe for the radar complex. I imagined it was worth quite alot of money for the trouble this guy was causing to keep others away. She eventually got a hit, while BravoFox chased the Prophecy into a station. I warped to her location and the two of us dropped Sift probes to narrow the location down.

In moments we had it.

The smartbomber must've noticed our activity, because he became irate at this point. He told us he already had the location and he'd alert the Angel Cartel to our presence. Bravo assured us he was still stuck inside the station. I called up the station manager as I got a Caracal from Evati, and it very shortly suffered a communication shutdown. Moments later the Prophecy pilot was hurtling out of the station, but it was too late. I landed on the complex just as the Cartel began to mobilize to move their base.

Cartel bases are pretty mobile, but they couldn't do anything with my missiles raining on them.

As Mynxee watched cloaked, soon nothing was left but us, debris, and the Cartel computer systems.

I slowly extracted everything of value from the site while our new friend pleaded with us to leave it alone. We're pirates, he said, wouldn't it make sense to let others find it and then kill them?

He must've been getting paid well for protection of the base, and I was happy to remove his cashflow. Thirty-Five Million isk later, our little pirate fleet moved back to Evati.

He cursed us the entire way.

Good Day.


  1. I'm sorry I don't comment enough here. I try and offer some constructive criticism to all EVE fictioneers.

    That's right, it's a new word. Copyright!

    Anywho, the first part of this entry gave me a laugh. I got the idea that your probes were running of Vista or something annd then the jokes wouldn't stop coming.

    Good entry overall. They usually are.

  2. That's the first time I've ever encountered someone smartbombing someone else's probes. All the more reason to set them at safes near each planet...time to start adding to my collection of "Quest BMs" I guess. Starting with that dude's system, for which I've suddenly developed an inordinate fondness that will see me in there and focused on getting every single exploration site that ever spawns in there. You game, Hallan? What a stupid question! Of course you are!

  3. Wow that's a lot of trouble to keep someone away from a plex!

  4. @PsycheDiver: Turnabout is fair play."Fair use". 'Nuff said.