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Friday, February 13, 2009

Picking It Up and Taking it Out

I think that any lovin's good lovin.
So I took what I could get.
She looked at me with big brown eyes and said:
You ain't seen nothing yet.
Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

The night started normally enough. I woke up and jacked into the comm systems. A roam was out near Amamake, which is my kind of party. I hopped into the Jokers Wild and was in system with them before their GCC's had counted down.

We had some people who're running through the Bastards recruitment process along for the ride, with Hrothgar Frood and RodneyStar providing some heavy firepower in the form of a Brutix and Hurricane respectively. Hera was our FC in a Taranis, Herdzo was in a Falcon, Nova Blackadder was in a Hurricane, and a new Hellcat named Reyna al'Thor flew a Punisher. I added my Rifter to the mix and we were off to Dal.

Hera mentioned there were some tasty targets about. After a minute we narrowed a CVA Astarte in a belt and no one wasted any time warping to it. He was tackled and began to crumble under our firepower. We got him to 75% structure and decided to attempt a ransom just as a huge CVA fleet came down on our heads. We proceeded to pop the Astarte and everyone warped out except for myself, Reyna, and Nova. Reyna and Nova were pointed and going down, but I was being sneaky.

While the fleet was occupied with my gangmates, I creeped over to the Astarte wreck and removed a full load of tech two loot. I warped away before anything even locked me. The Hurricane and Punisher loss made the engagement a bit less efficient, but a Command ship makes for a nice killmail. We were up twenty million in loot at that point, and I was happy with that.

So we ran back to Evati, dropped the loot off and reshipped. As we were getting situated, we narrowed down a Stabber and Caracal in a belt. They melted like butter under the onslaught, and we picked up everything that wasn't nailed down.

As we waited out our GCC's we heard Nova fighting a Gila in Eifer, and wished him the best. It was a long battle, and we started to make our way towards him as our GCC's went away. Unfortunately the Gila's backup arrived first, and Nova was forced to flee.

Around this time I took over as FC, but myself and Hera began an odd and completely unscripted dual FC role. Before and after battles, I took over, directing ships and assigning roles. During the fights however, Hera would take over, calling points, targets, and giving orders. Neither of us noticed it until after the roam was over, but it worked pretty well.

Just then we heard about an Apocolypse slow boating away from a station in Otosela, so we started to make our way there. We decided to wait for a bit more firepower, and by the time we got in system he'd finally made the wise choice to warp away. We got back into Akkio and almost made it to the Todi gate as yet more intel indicated a missioning Dominix in Todifraun. Raelyf got in a covert ops in Evati and tracked him down fairly quickly. A few of us ran to the mission, made our way through three gates, and finally found the Dominix in the last room. He was pointed and thus began a somewhat epic battle.

It started with a Rifter, Taranis, Claw, Harpy, and Hurricane against a Dominix. He launched Hobgoblin II's and I started to get hit. I aligned away but they caught up to me and I popped almost immediately. I raced back to Evati and tried to reship.

Hera's battle instincts are amazing, and slowly but surely they took down every drone that Dominix carried. He'd already denied a sixty million ransom, and I was resolved to teach him a lesson about that. We popped him. We caught his pod and I offered him a twenty five million ransom. No dice. We popped that too.

We scooped all of the loot, and moved on yet again. This time we at about thirty five million in loot for the night. Once again, I was more than happy with that. We moved back into Evati. I docked up.

Two Sacrileges in a belt. That was the call on Comms. I looked at the pilots, and I thought it smelled funny. Hera was keen on engaging, but I offered up my gut instinct and said it would be a bad idea. Herdzo just watched them while cloaked in his Falcon.

As we discussed it, a neutral Megathron came in and started attacking the Sacs. They engaged back and we watched local for a spike. Nothing. The Megathron amazingly bit hard into the Sacs, downing one, then the other after a little bit of time.

We were already in warp before the second Sac went down, and as we landed, we applied just a little bit more damage, and ended the Mega's killing spree. Very shortly thereafter, we had a bit of chaos, as the two Sacrilege's backup finally arrived, in the form of a Crow and Rapier. Not enough to take us, they wisely turned tail.

An unaffiliated Rupture came down and tried to crash the party as well. We set him on fire. Then the fleet surveyed the field of battle and we were amazed to discover the extent of the loot. Two Sacs, a Mega, a Rupture and almost ten tech two drones.

I set about directing the looting. Hera went for his salvager after we were done and grabbed six Capacitor Consoles worth twenty seven million each from the two Amarr heavy assaults. We recovered three Arbalest Heavy Missile Launchers worth about thirteen each. Every ship that died was fitted with tech two or best named equipment.

An unofficial and conservative tally of the loot for the night reached two hundred and fifty million. That'll be mostly split among five pilots.

Good day.


  1. How utterly Bastard-like of you all! Seriously, that was a very nice haul and a bunch of great kills! Great job. I can see why dual FC'ing between you and Hera in the fashion you describe would work so well, knowing both of you as I do. That's a really effective way of sharing FC tasks.

  2. What fun! A great introduction to roaming with the bastards for me. It was actually nova's hurricane that unfortunately lost out to the CVA Astartes' backup. Luckily the loot should almost pay for the ship!