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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trouble Can't Find Me

We're going off tonight,
To kick out every light,
To get anything that we want,
To drink everything in sight,
We're going till the world stops turning,
While we burn it to the ground tonight.
Nickelback - Burn It To The Ground

Space is a vast expanse of nothingness, with little specks of death scattered throughout it.

The Caldari, Gallente, Amarr, and Minmatar each control a swath of space near the central portion of the galaxy map. There are two areas of space closely associated with the Amarr empire, the Khanid Empire and Ammatar Mandate.

The Caldari and Gallente came back from the brink of extinction in the same solar system. They worked together to reach the stars, then went their separate ways in a war that brought unbelievable death and destruction. Caldari Prime was given to the Gallente in return for peace. The current war involves the retaking and occupation of Caldari Prime. Both empires see it as their planet and will kill for it.

The Khanid Empire formed before the Minmatar rebelled. It was a somewhat peaceful secession and the Amarr and Khanid still work together in trade.

The Minmatar had an extremly developed culture and in many ways surpassed the other empires in technology when they were found and subjugated by the Amarr. Over the centuries, the Amarr broke down the Minmatar and turned them into slaves.

When the Amarr met the Gallente for the first time, they'd met their match for the first time in their history. They wisely avoided conflict, but when the Amarr learned of the existence of the Jovians, they felt it was their duty to bring them under their empire. One ill fated military campaign later, and while the Amarr bled, the Minmatar rose up and fought for their freedom. Supported by the Gallente, the Minmatar eventually created an empire of their own. They are in constant conflict with the Amarr.

The Ammatar Mandate is simply sovereign space granted as a reward to those Minmatar that remained loyal to the Amarr. It is economically defunct.

The Jovian empire control an area of space out in nullsec that is currently unreachable. There are thankfully no conflicts in Jove space. The Jovian's gave the rest of the galaxy cloning technology and capusleer technology. It's speculated that the Jovian's never actually experienced any crash after the Eve Gate closed. It's also surmised that their culture has directly evolved from whatever colony they were before that event.

The Angel Cartel, Guristas Pirates, Serpentis Corp, Sansha's Nation, The Blood Raiders, and The Thukker Trive all control a somewhat smaller amount of space in nullsec as well.

Each criminal enterprise also has an established presence in each of the empires, killing, stealing and carving out a place to live.

There are twenty two alliances with enough power in nullsec to control an entire constellation. Some of these, like Band of Brothers, Goonswarm, or Tau Ceti Federation control such large portions of space that they rival the empires in size. These huge Alliances fight back and forth. Sometimes thousands of capsuleers fight for just one system.

Smaller groups (sometimes just a single corporation) control certain (sometimes just one) systems, or at least attempt to extend their control. Sometimes the fights are small, but sometimes they are almost as large as the Alliance and Empire battles.

But despite the fact that this Galaxy is in effect a giant meat grinder - I went on a roam tonight and couldn't find a thing to kill.



  1. If something is name Caldari Prime, only those who understand French can see it as Gallente. :P

  2. Ahahahah, excellent :)

    Come to NPC 0.0, there's always people to kill and people ratting who don't watch local :D

    PS. can you enable posting on here with just name/ url, as I'd prefer not to have to use my old Blogger and Wordpress logons. Thx :)


    Great overview, easy to read with great flow.

  4. You're hilarious, Hal. ♥♥♥ Great post.

  5. Great post. Good summary of New Eden as well.

  6. Since I was with Hal, I can agree.

    "God Damnit!!"


  7. That was just absolutely hilarious. There isn't much out there I read that makes me really LOL, but this post definitly did! Very well written. If there's an Eve blog post of the year, this should definitly be in the running.

  8. Absolutely brilliant post! I truly wish I had written something this funny. Well done.