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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

These Are the Jokes Kids #1

So a Gallente Politician, Caldari CEO and an Amarr Bishop were walking through a jungle out on Rens V. Suddenly they're captured by some Minmatar.

The Minmatar take them to their chief, who walks up to them and says "Alright, here's the deal. You guys get a choice, Death or Ugu,"

The three guys look at a each other, then the chief. The Chief walks up to the Gallente fellow and says, "You're first,"

The Gallente Politician says "I have no idea what Ugu is, but it must be better than death, I choose Ugu,"

Suddenly seven burly guys come out and forcibly have sex with him until he cannot even move. When they're done they throw him into the bushes.

The Chief walks up to the Caldari CEO, and waits for a response.

"Well, that looked pretty painful, but I'm a rich man and I'll enjoy the rest of my life. I choose Ugu as well,"

Well the same thing happens, and they throw him into the bushes when they're done. Finally, the Chief walks up to the Amarrian Bishop and waits for a response.

"You know," Says the Bishop, "I don't think god could forgive me if you guys did that to me. I choose death,"

The Chief nods and leans forward, "Alright, death it is. But first, Ugu,"


  1. Ha-ha, the version I've heard would have put it as "death through Ugu" for the last guy.

  2. A boonda by any other name still sounds as painful ^__^

  3. I got a great laugh out of that man, almost in tears. I shared it with my roommates and they are like "whats a minmatar?" >_<