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Friday, September 18, 2009

Celebrity Death Match

I beg to differ, sir. We started a game we never got to finish. "Play for Blood," remember?
Doc Holliday - Tombstone

When Nash contacted me originally for a duel, I had no time to take him up on his offer. This time however I not only had time, I had the inclination to get it done. I opened Eve Fitting Tool, pulled up my Anti-Nash Rifter Fit and headed over to Dodixie to buy it. I told him that we'd be using Tech I frigates, that he had to fit a point, and finally that he was allowed no ECM modules.

He made his way over to me eventually, and we met at the sun in Ethernity. I tend to fly one fitting when using the rifter. Very seldomly do I change my fits around as the basic fit works at hardly any price. One thing I knew about Nash from reading his blog is that he researches the folks he's dueling and tends to fit to fight them. So I decided to throw him a curve ball. I loaded an Arty fit Rifter with a MicroWarp Drive. I tossed a single piece of Barrage in my holds to keep up the charade, and jettisoned it into a can for him to steal from. He did so, almost certainly chuckling to himself, and made a can himself. I took my Barrage back and we flew thirty kilometers away from each other without speed mods.

The battle was not that exciting, he never put a round into my shields or armor, but it was a valiant effort. He gave manual flying a couple of goes, but one of those cost him most of his armor and the remains of his shields as his transversal dropped and my Arties ripped into him. In another thirty seconds he was dead. I grabbed his loot, told him it was a good fight and then took off towards my home base in Gicodel.

Sadly that means I have to retire the Arty Rifter now from all future duels. It took a while, but it did the job so it will be missed.

On the Merc front, we did a small escort contract today and by tomorrow I should be off R&R. I also managed to get 8.03 with the Sisters of Eve during this R&R and fit out alot of Tech II frigates to use.

Good Day.

PS: Nash, turn on comments for your last post.


  1. was good to finally see you in local after lurking on your blog for so long!

  2. comments fixed now Hallan, but not on our CDM unless i re-post it... and i am to tidy and organised to have a post re-posted... sighs... please leave any smack on the post just after. =)