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Monday, September 28, 2009

Cloaking Reloaded

Well, looks like I started a huge conversation and a fad of sorts last week.

Mynxee links me and as always that brings me some traffic.

A Mule in Eve talks about his ideas.

Prometheus, an old Alliance mate discusses it.

Black Claw misses the point completely.

Not only that but it's become something of a cool thing to post up discussion post for ingame mechanics. Ok not cool exactly, I mean Spectre's doing it, but he sucks.

There's also a fellow posting a discussion about Local Chat changes. If you read this regularly get me a link.

It's always nice to see a post of mine making ripples through the community. Thanks guys.


  1. Not only do you seem to miss my point, you confuse me with someone else. :)

  2. A post about how awesome you and your blog are for getting a couple people to visit/discuss what you posted about? Sounds more like you're copying ME. STOP STEALING MY SHTICK.

  3. At Black Claw: I think I got it right.

    At Spectre: No you!