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Monday, September 14, 2009

Noir Contract #3: Fountain and Alliance Tournament

You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters.
Captain Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean

No end of action for a few days here. Alot of fun.

Lets Review:

Fountain: 49 kills(1.84 Billion Isk), 16 losses(1.26 Billion Isk). 59.27% Efficiency.

The natives, specifically Sons of Tangra really brought the heat on this contract. It was thoroughly enjoyable fighting against good players. Our efficiency against Sons of Tangra was just a hair above 50%. The most important kills of the contract would be us losing a Proteus and them losing a Loki. I've seen some serious high dollar items being flown around by my corp mates, and I'm starting to realize first hand how well this work pays if you're smart and don't lose ships. That said, even though we basically traded T3 cruisers, take a look at the drops on each one. We managed to get all that Loki loot into high sec space, it's a solid billion at least.

I had a lot of fun the entire time, and I look forward to the next 0.0 contract. I managed to get on the killmails for four of the contract kills.Three more kills I was present for as scout or was simple unable to get there before the target died. I'm happy with my performance so far.

Alliance Tournament
I'll direct you to this post by my CEO. We lost our first match with two hours notice and won the second. We did not gather enough points to continue, but I'm proud of the showing we made.

I'm gonna get some sleep, look here tomorrow for a post on a nice suicide roam into providence we just made. Oddly enough, I didn't die.

PS: And Nash, I'm on R&R, so hit me up if you see me online. We'll see what we can do.

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