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Monday, September 7, 2009

An Orca AFKing in a Wormhole.

Computers have enabled people to make more mistakes faster than almost any invention in history, with the possible exception of tequila and hand guns
Mitch Ratcliffe

Sometimes I'm left wondering what in the hell people are thinking.

During a little break from our current contract, Jimer called a wormhole and said he had a couple of hulks and an Orca on scan. Now I imagined these guys would be smart and get to a POS when they saw probes. I had just got in position when I heard Jimer say that they were indeed mining. He narrowed them down to their site and made a bookmark. He came back out, dropped the bookmark for the Fleet Commander, and we went in and squad warped to the mining operation.

Not much excitement followed, beyond the inevitable "We just killed an Orca," back patting. We nailed two hulks as well and all three pods. I'm nearly certain they were all AFK because they didn't do anything.



  1. Ha, nice kills. We killed a Drake and a Retriever yesterday...I'm not sure the Drake ever even targeted either one of us. He did seem to wake up and get his pod out about 1 second before that was locked.

  2. Epic Fail indeed!
    Wormholes are full of treasures indeed!

    So far the best thing we've netted:

    But I'd like to get an orca as well - if they where not afk'ing I'd ask them to eject and save their pods :-)

    wtg! :-)

  3. We thought about a ransom, but we were almost certain they were AFK. He dropped pretty fast regardless.

    Also: Nice kill Mynxee.

  4. Guess they've learned their lesson, I'll make sure not to afk mine :P

  5. *Pats back for Orca kill* Congrats!

    It's when I read stuff like this that I think I could use a group of people to fly around with... I do get the urge to murder people in wormholes from time to time... no Orca for me, but I did get some

    Mostly I run around finding nothing, which I find rather odd... hmm... maybe... *sniffs armpits*... no, that's not it!

  6. That's insane. Good work killing them, they sound like they needed a lesson.

  7. Didn't want that Orca anyway...

    Oh wai...

  8. Wow great job.

    So far I've only managed to nab a Hulk and a Vengeance so far, but hoping I can find some better ones later on!