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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Giving In

Take all of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all of your so-called problems,
Better put 'em in quotations
John Mayer - Say

Honor isn't something to be poked fun at. I see folks making jokes about the kinds of people that use real world principles in an online game. E-Honor they call it.

I don't use real world principles in an online game, I use real world principles.

I respect that some folks play differently. That's just not me, and I hope we can see more respect for my kind of mindset in the future.

I honor ransoms. I honor duels. I do what I say I'm going to do. If I don't, I can't pretend it's just my character doing it, because I know better.

You might not agree, but leave me alone about it.

Good Day


  1. I totally agree. I think the nature of EVE transcends most other less immersive games meaning it's sandbox universe gives us moral choices by which we are judged. How one player chooses to play directly impacts on the playing experience of others.

    Beneath the EVE game structure is an interesting social experiment. There are those who choose to use their anonymity to behave in a way they otherwise wouldn't. Then there are those who treat their EVE character as an extension of themselves.

    It would be interesting to know how wide the field of opinion is on acceptable social behaviour within the player-base.

  2. I have never responded to a blog post before, even though I read many daily (this being one of my favorites). After reading your post I felt compelled to comment in support of your position.

    I respect and support an individuals decision to assume a role in Eve. A perfect example is a Pirate. To me it is no indication of their principles or character at all. It is the choices made and principles displayed that provide the indication. There are principled Pirates just as there are unprincipled Carebears.

    What I do not respect are the choices made by individuals who chose to throw integrity and principles out the window.

    Eve provides a crystal clear look into the true character of an individual. When an anonymous individual chooses to throw out in-game, the principles they claim to value in RL, they are actually showing what their true principles and values are (to say nothing of integrity), rather than those they assume RL to conform to societies expectations.

    An individual who consistently acts honorably even while anonymous in Eve is truly honorable. You can not claim to possess specific principles and then lay them down at will. If you do, they were never principles in the first place.

    Be encouraged and keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog immensely.

  3. Eve is not an emotionless game. And so players can be hurt, and easily hurt by a perceived callousness or lack of honor.

    Calling it a game doesn't remove the emotional sting or sense of injustice.

  4. I personally play Eve in essentially the same way I live my life. I have fun, I help if I can and I seek knowledge and camaraderie whilst I'm playing.

    Having said that, one of the interesting sides of Eve (from an on-lookers point of view) is the Politics and downright nastiness that goes keep life interesting!

  5. I've never replied to a blog post before but after reading this I just cannot resist...

    I salute you, agree with and also support your views. Well said and I hope more people feel the same.

  6. I disagree strongly. Rather than make a very long post here, I've made my response in the form of a blog post. Here's the URL:

    -Paul Clavet
    Honorless Internet Jerks

  7. Like you, I honour ransoms and duels, unlike you I don't look down my nose at those who don't. I don't relate this game to some sort of real world honour or pseudo e-honour bullshit to stroke my ego. Someone ganks me in a duel - they beat me, I don't pretend I walk away with e-honour so I can have a shallow moral victory, I accept he wanted to gank me, ganked me, and got the best of me. If I'm ever ransomed and drunk enough to pay then get ganked well that was their intention all along, and again well played suckering me out of money. Of course I will not trust these people, but that's life - and eve.

  8. You know, I've never actually been ganked in a duel before. I don't duel with people I don't know, so that's probably why.

    I've only been offered a ransom once, and I didn't take him up on it anyhow.

    Truth be told, I make my statements while never having had to deal with the dishonorable fellows of eve.

    I am however, glad they're out there. Otherwise it'd be a pretty boring game.