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Friday, December 4, 2009

Karaoke Corner #6: Ammarian Frapsody

If you cannot guess which song this is... someone needs to slap you.

Enjoy. Or not. Up to you. I had fun.

Ammarian Frapsody

Is this just Eve Life.
Is this a fantasy.
Caught in a belt by,
Interceptors, I counted three,
Warp to a pos,
Why did this Gate warp to me?
Guess I'll just log off, man these guys need a job,
Because I'm hard to kill, hard to catch,
I log off if over matched,
The logs they show nothing, why would these guys say that to me? To me...

Dreadnaught, it's in a belt.
He just warped to a stargate.
Hold your cloak he must be bait.

Dreadnaught, is just sitting there...
Tackle him again before he warps away.
Dreadnaught ooo,
He's gonna to have to die,
Oh man this will cause his corp so much sorrow,
Pile it on, Pile it on, DPS is all that matters.

Too late, Dude he logged off,
Can't believe we lost him man,
Hey, his ship is still on scan,
Listen everybody, I've got a hit
Warp to me I've got his ship tackled again,
ooo- (the logs they show nothing)
I want him to die,
We'll make him wish he'd never logged out at all...

I've got a little stilletto tackle here,
Really dude? Really dude? We will need some damage out here...
Stilletto! It is faster. And, I have to beat camps there,
He's in armor! He's in armor!
He's in armor! He's in armor!
He's in armor! Armor's gone! It's structure now.

I'm that guy's diplo, can you guys talk to me,
He's just a guy in a really fail fitting,
Spare him his ship from this gank that I see.

Easy come easy go, will you let him go?

You're crazy, no! We will not let him go.

Let him go!

You're crazy, We will not let him go.

Let him go!

You're crazy, We will not let him go.

Let me go!

Will not let you go.

Let me go!

Will not let you go.

Never Never Never Never Never!

Let me go!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

But it's my dreadnaught. It's my dreadnaught.
It's my dreadnaught. Let me go.
But I logged off, screw you guys. I'll talk to

"Listen, when I logged off today I was in space.
Some guys ganked my ship and
they made fun of my race.
Told them, they can't say that in local,
Can you guys ban them? You can just give me back my ship."

OOO Yeah.
OOO Yeah.

The petition is filed,
Just you wait and see,
The petition is filed, Now we'll just wait for CCP...

"The logs they show nothing..."


  1. Heh, love it!

    Did a "evetext in song" once.. had some lined up and ye really inspired me now..

    Do you know someone that can sing? Maybe record it and make a video :)

  2. Freddy Mercury ... turning in his grave now.

  3. That is awesome and we need to record it. I can sing, but we need three more... *points at Roc*

  4. Absolutely fucking brilliant. Please tell me you can get Curzon to set it to music.

    Meyr, Eve University

  5. This is one of the funniest things I have ever read.

    Awesome doesn't even begin to describe.

    Please for the love of God there has to be an EVE pilot out there with a voice to bring this to life.