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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Safety Breeds Sleepy

There are literally few things in the world that put me to sleep like piloting through high sec without a war dec active.

At least when I was in low-sec the promise of a gank could keep me awake. Now? Nothing.

Been moving stuff for a couple days, I'ma go get some sleep now.


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  1. The inverse is rarely true though. Sleepy does NOT breed safety!

    I was just posting about such a particular inverse relationship.

    I agree that given the opportunity, I'm much more likely to take the low-sec route if it is faster. This is usually more determined by destination, route, cargo and available transport. The Orca and Charon will likely not see low-sec action [apart from the Orca hauling in and out of wormholes] and the covops and blockade runners almost refuse to jump back into high-sec!