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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Interview with Weazy Z

Links to your forum thread and site.

So, how long have you been playing?
Since 07/07

What have you done in Eve during that time?
I have run an industrial corp on one of my alts, been a member of many 0.0 space holding alliances, fced fleets with over 60+ people multiple times, killed hundreds of ships, made a few billion isk, set up posses, run plex, mined ice, tried market pvp... pretty much every aspect of the game, ive covered.

What real life experiences do you have that will aid you in your elected position?
I'm a natural born leader and I have a good background in computer science, so I understand the logistical implications of adding certain features.

What do you think of the recent Bob/Goonswarm fiasco, including the renaming of Kenzoku?
Personally, I dont live in delve, so I don't much care. It has allowed all sorts of strange things to happen since a lot of the major players in my own region have commited large forces to delve (tcf, iron, mm). Instead of being blobbed when you enter one of these alliance's station systems, the fights are usually smaller and a whole lot of fun. Also, it has allowed medium sized alliances to field their capitals in more agressive ways, leading to a huge number of supercap kills and some of the best cap fights in regions such as syndicate and cloud ring without fear that NC will drop 200 dreads on you.

What do you think of the re balancing of ECM?
I think CCP did a great job with this rebalance. Not only are Rooks 10x more useful in combat, falcons are less likely to completly dominate the field since they need to get within 100km rather than rediculous ranges. It allows the fc more versitility when combatting an enemy gang, since now it is fairly easy to burn off and try to pick one or two off.

What do you think of the re balancing of Stealth Bombers?
Well... first of all, stealth bombers are my least favorite ship in the game. As an fc, having a person join my gang in a stealth bomber is frustrating. They lack a real use-- they cant tackle, can't do any ewar (unless fit with sensor damps, which they have no bonus for), they do really rather puny dps, and they die in an instant. CCP's changes makes them a little more survivable (cov ops cloak is a nice touch), but now they can't even set up at insane ranges, so they die more. Personally, I'd like to see them have cov ops cloaks, cruises, and a bonus to sensor damps. Atleast then they might be slightly useful for a gang rather than a flying coffin.

How much of an effect should players have on the broader Eve storyline?
Uh... EvE has a storyline?!

Does it bother you that Veldspar is more profitable than any low sec minerals?
No, trit is used more than any other mineral and the price is a good indication on the current market health. There are plenty of ways to obtain trit (see- hauler spawns) besides mining veld, its just people are unwilling to take the risk and go out to 0.0 to farm haulers or scoop rat loot. Perhaps the amount of veldspar used in certain items (see-- capital componets) should be lowered due to the pain to move it, but no-- veldspar is fine.

What's your opinion on current war declaration mechanics?
It should be cheaper :P. If you do not want to be involved in the PvP side of the game, you are free to stay in a NPC corporation.

What is the single largest imbalance in game, and how would you fix it?
I think the biggest imbalance in the game right now is high sec. You can make just as much (if not more) isk running level 4s in high sec than u can in 0.0, and obtain high end minerals from the loot at the same time, with no risk. I think all level 4s should be moved to low sec. You should have to risk your ship to make the kind of isk you can obtain in level 4s.

Anything to add?
Thanks for setting up this questionare Hallen :).

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