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Monday, February 1, 2010

Guest Post: Blood-Thirsty Miner

I'm scheduling this one Monday, because I should be back by Tuesday. We'll see.

What's New? Part 1.

Well, I have finally decided to take a break from the action and post about it, and because it's been awhile since I've posted anything. I do plan on joining in on the blog banter and I'll start writing that up after I finish with this post, anywho onto the stories.

Currently I'm going around hi-sec transporting modules and ships around to my hi-sec base, which will later be transferred down to low-sec. I was sort of forced to go up here as I was at a loss for isk due to the Provi vs. .-A-. (and friends) Sov war.

During the first day, where Provi was taking down TCU's (I believe) I brought my stealth bomber down to play. I got in an Apocalypse killmail, just to get my killboard rating better, but unfortunately later that night I passed out cloaked, 30 KM from the gate and forgot to log off and/or drop fleet.

Well long story short I awoke to the "Low Shield" and "Low Armour" warning along with all the lights and tv on, and my computer in sleep mode. Oops. I ended up uncloaked, at 0KM off a gate, and in my pod. I can only guess that the fleet commander landed with the fleet at the gate I was at and fleet warped everyone off.

Well I can't blame him or the interceptor pilot that got the lucky kill due to my mistake. Well it's been taken as a learning experience.

After that I decided to fight in something less expensive, thus brought me to my Caracal, or as it's named, "Cara-Crack." And with Cara-Crack I was off to fight for Provi again!

And oh, the fun I had. I had the opportunity to join in a fleet to help defend Sov in WD-VTV. I was new to massive fleet battles, but it left me craving for more. I even got on a buzzard killmail as he was confused with the roles of his ship.

Unfortunately on the return trip I lost that Caracal, but somehow I have no lossmail to speak-of for it. Long story short to how that happened, I was bombed (along with others) at a gate and tried to jump through but kept getting a "Session change in progress" message and as I continued to jump I received a message I've never seen before. "Ship out of control." Eventually it exploded and I was in my pod and found my way back home without a loss mail to speak of.

The next day I decided to take out my HAM drake for a bit of what I like to call a, "Red roam." Besically fly around Provi and go after the reds. Well it paid off and I am the proud owner of a Dramiel killmail! Belonging to none other than ALvaChi USA currently ranked 60th on Battleclinic's killboard! Oh the amazement that put on my face. I looked something probably like this:

Eventually I lost that drake by trying to take a shortcut through catch in the middle of Provi, well it didn't end up so well. I jumped into the system and tried to warp, but a neutral Vagabond warp scrammed me so I crashed the gate, but on the other side was one of his friends in another Vagabond, so again I crashed the gate. Called out in intel, but after crashing the gate 8 times I finally just decided to log off, as I knew there was no hope. Well I got what was coming to me. And as I returned to my home system salt found its way into my wounds, as I was podded too.

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