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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Talking to Yourself

And when you're out there
Without care,
Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

I want people to read my blog. I'm not going to lie to you, or myself.

You see, there are some people out there in the blogging community that seem to think that they post on the internet because they like to write and for that reason only. Spectre, I'm looking at you.

I'm not going to hide that, or try to be aloof about it. I want you to keep reading this, I want new people to read it as well. The more people reading my work, the more impact my statements have.

If you're not talking to someone on here Spectre, you're just writing a really fucked up diary that makes YOU laugh. They've got a name for people like that.

As it stands now, you write a hilarious blog that many people find funny.

Truth of the matter is, you want people to read what you write. You want to entertain them, and you want to enjoy it yourself while you do so.

Anything else is just talking to yourself.


  1. Hey look.. Hallan putting words into peoples mouths again. That's new.

    I never said I don't want people to read what I write. I check my traffic stats and I link to myself on the Eve forums and in game to try and get more readers just like most other bloggers probably do. What I don't do is whine like a bitch when someone in the blog community does or doesn't want me on their blogroll. What I don't do is create 2 line posts with zero content and requests to vote for me in the blog popularity contest. These are the types of people that my post was intended for.

  2. ...and I rather anjoy "talking to myself" as you put it. Maybe somebody else will find it of interest as well, maybe not. No vote begging from me.

  3. You know, I'd rather watch Spectre talk to himself than read any further drivel from you.

  4. By our powers combined, we are THE SPECTER FANCLUB!

  5. Oh yes, while I'm here, if you really need to ask your readers to have you included in the blog roll, then you probably don't deserve to be there in the first place. Two my 2 isk.

    We now return to your regularly scheduled smacktalk.

  6. What do I need? more readers...
    So what should I do? I'll write about Spectre then, because he is awesome. If I write about him, people will want to read about him and they'll come read my blog.
    Maybe I should create a blog people want to read with my own material.

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