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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That Same Old Song

Had a bad day again
She said I would not understand
She left a note and said, "I'm sorry I had a bad day again"
Fuel - Bad Day

One could argue that I was due.

Today started out promisingly enough, with Aleks calling tackle 10 jumps away from us in his Ares. An Abbadon and Maelstrom. He'd tackled the Abbadon. Eventually the Abbadon ran away while Aleks was recharging his shields. The Maelstrom decided to stick around though. Soon he was joined by a Harbinger flown by the Abbadon's pilot.

After having to disengage twice, secondary points landed. These guys weren't bad at their jobs though, and took a huge amount of trouble to down. I threw a optimal/falloff tracking disruptor on the Maelstrom immediately and sensor damped the Harbinger. The Maelstrom immediately targeted me at 75 kilometers and opened fire. Nothing happened, and I was feeling pretty smug about it.

The Maelstrom broke my target lock by slowly moving away from me, and while I noticed, I was trying to manage DPS on the Harbinger, which was tearing up our close range ships. With 13 hostile locals, I made the decision to hold position and place the final DPS on the Harbinger.

Before I could even think about doing anything else though, I went up in flames in one shot from the Maelstrom that was no longer tracking disrupted.

Somehow the Maelstrom broke his tackle and warped away. We aren't sure how, as a point was active on him at the time.

Whatever, I made a call and good or not, I paid for it.

So I got scouted back out and was contracted both my loot and a bit of stuff to soften the loss. I bought a Rifter in station and got cargo expanders to fill 'er up for a trip back to Amarr.

Upon undocking I see almost 20 ships outside, in low sec. And I'm in a kick out station. In a ship with no nanofibers. Great. Just as it registers in my mind, someone on vent warns anyone docked to remain so, as there is a large camp outside. Which would've been very useful information 5 seconds ago.

I don't think at all and just decide to align and hope. No dice. Pointed and killed. Ok, that's bad, come on planets tab... no dice. Podded.

Well, that just saved me a 10 jump trip. I guess.

The first loss could've been avoided, but wasn't really something that bothered me(without downing that Harb, things could've gone south for our Rapier, for example). The Rifter and pod loss were however, completely avoidable and simply the result of my own stupidity.

I could've checked local for the spike, I could've asked the many corp members hanging around if anything was outside before undocking. I could've spammed the warp button instead of just hitting it once, so my pod got out. But I didn't do any of that. I did the stupid things.

I haven't lost a ship at all since November 6th. One could argue that I was due.

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  1. For some reason, this post reminded me of the "I'm already in warp." Hallan of old :) Remember those fun times?