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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Can't Believe They Pay Me To Do This

I'm not sure I mentioned it... but during that interview with Aralis, and I do mean during it, I managed to get on a kill and a pod in CVA's space.

I didn't even notice I was on the pod killmail until I looked it up for this post. Huh.

That being said, all I can say about Providence is that I hope this goldmine remains open for the indefinite future. We're very close to 800 kills and 40 billion isk in damage dealt. Those are nice round numbers, and I expect us to get them.

Plus we get paid.
I love the merc life.

9uy is in the hands of Ushra'Khan. Unity Station has returned. After D-G it seems that any resistance that CVA had in mind has crumbled in the wind. For those of us prowling the lanes of Providence, it is becoming more and more of a ghost town. The PvPers have been chased out by AAA and U'K, while the carebears have been all but eradicated by Noir. It's going to take these guys a long time to recover from this, if they ever do.

Oh and for anyone who doesn't know what "after D-G" means(you there, the one living under a rock on mars), please take a look at this.

I can't believe they pay me to do this.


  1. well just to add my thought. from insiders i've heard that u'k gets lots a help from -a- atm. u cudn't achieve that all by urselv if ur honest rite? i dont support either sides just think if u post like that u shudnt make it look like its all uk's achievement, no? after all wihout -a-'s help u wudnt be were u r now or am i mistaken? u havent made it on ur own to invade provi in the past. or werent u even driven out by them years back? just curious...

    a fellow reader

  2. Box, as a U'K grunt (there for D-G but unfortunately missed 9uy) I can absolutely say we wouldn't be docking in Unity station now without our ALLIES -A-, I don't think anyone in the alliance believes it was a solitary U'K victory.

    That said, its very clear that our leadership work closely together and we play as a team. In D-G we had over 200 U'K pilots involved, that is a significant portion of our alliance and of the people involved in that battle.

    And yes, U'K was driven out of providence by CVA and THEIR allies years ago, but that was before my time so I can't really speak to that.