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Friday, February 5, 2010

I Like Fire.

Providence is burning.

Against All Authorities and CVA have been neighbors for a long time. They've been through a lot together, but one thing has been certain for a while, AAA and CVA aren't friendly to each other.

But they aren't enemies either, or at least, weren't.

Back when CVA got hacked and dissolved, it was CVA's neighbors, AAA in particular, that came to it's defense. They camped gates into Providence and they made it clear that anyone trying to take CVA space while they were weak would have to face down AAA as well.

That would be the extent of it, but not to long ago CVA decided to take Catch from AAA. Normally this wouldn't be such a big deal, but AAA was fighting hard with Goons at the time. In essence, CVA decided to strike while AAA was weak. Some say they were even in league with Goonswarm.

No one in AAA was crying about it. They took their lumps and kept up the fight against the Goons.

However, due to some mismanagement in Goonswarm, and a well timed CEO cut and run, CVA were left to face AAA alone. This was an AAA with a purpose and a motive: Wipe CVA from the sovereignty map.

This brings us to a week ago. AAA has taken back it's Catch territories, and has begun the push into Providence.

Noir. was hired to dive headfirst into Providence and act as a harassing force on the local population. We're nearing 700 kills and 40 billion isk killed in the last two weeks.

CVA and it's sovereignty holders have almost abandoned their once safe havens and are running back to empire.

Through it all, AAA has offered peace to those who live in CVA space, if they're willing to overthrow the oppressors. This has been rejected at every turn, as has a peace offering to CVA itself.

D-GTMI, a hub and station system for CVA has been taken by AAA, and as I write this, 9UY4-H is in AAA's complete control, and is soon to fall.

And that my friends, is just the beginning.


  1. I'm actually looking forward to this. Mopping up in Delve is getting boring... time to go help out. Should get plenty of solo kills when CVA & friends are involved :)

  2. "Through it all, AAA has offered peace to those who live in CVA space, if they're willing to overthrow the oppressors."

    Not quite true, as I hear it. I've heard about an offer to live under Ushra'Khan rule in providence. As U'K always have chosen a harassement/terrorism strategy in catch/provi, this was of course not a serious peace offering, this was a Nurnberg offer, meant to squash out all pride and resistance.
    so that one at least isn't exactly a peace offering.

    well, provi wouldn't stay the same... it'll be interesting times

  3. Yes, provi is burning, but provi is not loosing. If you haven't got it yet, loosing in the new mechanincs has nothing to do with Sov space at all any longer. Nor stations. Only way one can ever loose is to fail cascade. If one understands this one will not loose, one simply lets the enemy take all the stations and systems they want and let them pay the big bill. When they fail the bill, one can take it back, or let the enemy waste more hours shooting undefended mods in space for hours on end. Fun! Lets see hoe long anyone bohters to do this, 1 week? 2 weeks? 3? Then they get bored and there are fewer and fewer x's.

    So really, the only loosing part of the CVA vs AAA conflict is AAA failing to adapt to the dominon changes, if CVA play it right.