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Monday, December 8, 2008

Closer to Home: Epilogue

I am sailing, I am sailing,
Home again cross the sea.
I am sailing, stormy waters,
To be near you, to be free.
Gavin Sutherland - Sailing

Hallan frowned as the shuttle began to accelerate towards the end of the runway. He was pressed into his seat as the shuttle began to pick up speed, and the sudden change of orientation as it went up the ramp was jarring as he looked out the window. He felt the engines begin a hard burn as the shuttle began to fly into the sky. In a few minutes the ship had passed the outer atmosphere, and he looked down at his homeworld.

The huge gray clouds that were ever present over some part of the planet were moving away from the Capital. He sighed at the visibly darker clouds over the cities. He could see the moon in the distance, and was pretty sure he could make out the station that held his Rifter.


Hallan piloted his rifter very carefully into his hangar at Kaalikota. He'd caught something about a Dominix fighting some angel cartel in a belt as he'd warped in. His corpmates, the Bastards had the situation well in hand

Hallan climbed out of his pod, took a shower, put his clothes on and then stuffed a few things into his pockets. He walked out of his ship and nodded to the hangar technician, who walked onto the ship.

Hallan made his way to his office and pulled a picture of his brother out of his pocket. He set it down on his desk and sat down.

Hallan closed his eyes for just a moment and fell asleep in his chair.

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  1. I left all the fiction posts that i missed while i was gone for last, so I'm just now catching up on these stories. Your writing style is great - very enjoyable to read. Glad you're writing these!