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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Money Is The Root

I will buy you a garden,
Where your flowers can bloom.

I will buy you a new car,
Perfect shiny and new.

I will buy you that big house,
Way up in the west hills.

I will buy you a new life,
Yes I will.
Everclear - I Will Buy You A New Life

I was hanging out in a Boundless Creations station yesterday here in Evati. I happened through the promenade and grabbed a snack at one of the stores there. A guy there asked me if I could spare some change and long story short: We won the lottery.

There's a whole interesting story in there, but I ain't taking the time to tell it, needless to say I'm six-hundred million richer today. I contacted a ship builder and put in an order for five Caracels and three drakes.

Boy did karma make a mistake.

I went out today to celebrate with Sarge, Mynxee, and a few other bastards. We caught a Cyclone ratting in a belt. I don't understand why, and I didn't care. He went down, despite being quite experianced. We nailed the pod down and asked for a very reasonable ransom. He balked and ended up in the clone vats.

We then chased a Hurricane around Evati for about a half hour before finally nailing him down while salvaging. He died as well, and we also got his pod.

For some reason people can't figure out how to pay a ransom, have blank clones, don't like their ships, or just feel like being defiant, but I'm six-hundred million richer anyhow.

Good Day.

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  1. People are pretty stupid to turn down ransoms, you save so much time and money by paying a ransom usually. I'd rather pay 80% of my ships cost than buy another one plus fittings plus possibly implants if they catch my pod and a new clone, just because I wanted to be "defiant".

    I think the real problem is, most people who are dumb enough to get caught and have their pod locked, aren't smart enough to realize what they'd save by paying a reasonable ransom.