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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Little More Action Please

Come on baby I'm tired of talking
Grab your coat and lets start walking
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Don't procrastinate, don't articulate
Girl it's getting late, gettin' upset waitin' around
Elvis Presley - Little Less Conversation

"I've got a cyclone tackled in Ofstold," was all I needed to hear.

Ignoring my already active GCC, I undocked and warped to my undock point. I then turned my ship and entered warp to the Ofstold gate. The anticipation was so thick that I barely noticed as my GCC expired. I came out of warp on the gate and activated it.

The experiance of being shunted across lightyears in moments will always be a bit disconcerting, but I had no time to think about that as I warped to Maltrox, who'd already begun to engage the target. I heard on comms that the Cyclone was already falling apart around it's owner, and came out of warp with my Stabber's weapons hot.

I targeted, scrammed and began to fire. The Cyclone was already at half armor and as a few others came down on him, his pod disengaged from the ship. The Cyclone let out a rainbow of beautiful colors as it exploded around him, and we immediately nailed down the pod.

We asked for fifty million. We asked for a singing ransom. We got his corpse. At least we tried.

I had barely redocked when I heard a corpmate asking for support against two Crows. Not one to be left out I fitted out a Rifter for fast tackle and was on my way.

The Crows were playing with their food at this point, which was probably a bad idea for them, as we began to put out the birdcatchers. I heard "Crow is triple webbed," and burned in it's direction. The Crow was already venting plasma as I got in weapons range and popped suddenly.

The other Crow apparently got stupid at this point and got himself nailed down as well. He ignominiously popped as well.

It wasn't long before they came back to play, and he managed to kill my Rifter trying to nail him down again. I called it a night and chuckled. We'd lost an Incursus in the battle as well as another rifter compared to two interceptors. I call that a win.

Good Day.

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