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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Diplomacy At The End Of An Autocannon

Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy.
Lloyd Bentsen - Bentsen/Quayle Vice Presidential Debate

Why smack talk at all? Is there a good result that comes from it? I've seen Mynxee put it to deadly effect in ways I normally wouldn't think about. If used effectively you can get folks to engage who might not have done so before. That is generally it's only use.

The problem is when people smack to vent anger and frustration. You're at your least witty when angry. Friends don't let friends smack angry. Once you do that, people know you're riled, and you're alot less effective at it. It's just a means to an end.

You've gotta have some wit about you, a bit of class, and for god's sake, spell correctly.

Lets examine the various types of smacktalk.

The most common of all leads off: Cursing. Anyone who can type can string together a line of expletives. It doesn't help you, if anything it indicates you are indeed pissed off. Don't do this. Once they know you're mad you've lost.

After that? Self Promotion. Lets be honest, plenty of people go around talking about how great they are. If you can't back it up this is a waste of time. It don't help much if you do it docked either.

Who cares about how many kills you have? It's not a big deal. Skill points? Nope. This is the basis for alot of the smack I see, and yet again, no one cares. Stats don't matter a tiny bit.

Challenging someone as a coward can be the most effective type of smack. Stay off yourself and start asking questions. Be nice about it. Invite them to show their strength, courage, intellect, whatever. But be nice about it. There's nothing more annoying and sincere sounding than a bit of passive aggressive kind smack.

Oh, and I know I mentioned this before but... for god's sake, spell correctly.

Good day.

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