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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Found my Place in Nowhere

My eyes feel like they're gonna bleed
Dried up and bulging out my skull
My mouth is dry
My face is numb
Fucked up and spun out in my room
On my own... here we go.
Green Day - Brain Stew/Jaded

Neapolis Antioch > you know we don't have to play like this
Mynxee > i never get to play
Shae Tiann > not as much fun without the foreplay, though, is it?
Neapolis Antioch > Oh I love forplay
Neapolis Antioch > I just don't like finishing to fast
Hallan Turrek > We'll help ya reach the final climax. Promise.
Shae Tiann > depends on how good the climax is
Hallan Turrek > Lets make this a group job.
Neapolis Antioch > lol
Hallan Turrek > I'll get behind you.
Kerblamo > Dibs on first shot
Hallan Turrek > They'll get in front.
Neapolis Antioch > wow, well you guys have a great night
Mynxee > lol
Hallan Turrek > Then we'll just pound you with everything we have.
Hallan Turrek > It'll be awesome.
Hallan Turrek > You'll think you're ok, then I come from behind you and yell surprise.
Hallan Turrek > It's not a gank if you yell surprise.
VB Sarge > i prefer it if i dont' even know their name

We aren't quite right here in the Bastards, but that's pretty much how we like it. We get a few hangers on sometimes, we get a few fans even, but mostly we just get idiots. One particular fellah's been throwing expensive rigged ships at us for over a month now. He's entertaining to say the least, taking out a Thrasher or a Rupture, or a Republic Fleet Firetail is always a good thing after all. I got to help out with a bit of that, but mostly he just kept throwing stuff at us until he ran out. He promised to get more and be back. I sure as hell hope so.

I ran into Colonel Wieler at the station today. I was a bit intrigued to see him in Evati but apparently he's set up shop and brought down a few ships. He's even had the good sense to purchase a Bastard Pass. What that means is that I can fleet up with him and not have to worry about any of my corpmates killing him. That's always a positive when you're planning to work with someone. After a bit of discussion about any loyalties I might still have with the Caldari Navy, I offered to help him fully secure a few bases in Evati. I passed Jedziah on the way to my hangar and persuaded her to load up a ship of her own and get flying.

We sat at the first base as Wieler began to secure it. We knew he'd take a bit of time to get his Marines in the base and insure it's loyalty. Me and Jed had brought a couple of tech one frigates to the party and waited for any visitors while the soldiers did their job. Sure enough a Rupture dropped out of warp on top of us. I targeted him, and began to fire. His guns began to really lay down some hurt on me and my Rifer died quickly. He turned to Jed's punisher and burned it down as well. Roc's Jaguar reached the same fate. I grinned as I placed my pod inside my Stabber.

I undocked the cruiser, and as I did twenty people appeared in local. I was already enroute upon hearing my voice comms light up with warnings to stay docked. I came out of warp on a Rupture and pointed it. It's shield tank was alot stronger than I expected but I began to slowly whittle it down. As he reached about 25% shields the rest of the passing fleet went out of the system. Jed and Roc were on him in moments and he died quickly. It took a while to realize it wasn't the same Rupture, but that detail was unimportant. He died.

So we secured that installation and moved on. In mere moments the next installation lit up with an Ishkur. I moved to tackle and applied a heavy layer of damage. Suddenly though I was in a pod and my systems locked up. It was an uncomfortable experience, knowing my pod was sitting in space with no control over it's direction. Luckily he failed to lock me down and I headed back to the station. Jed had him down into extremely low structure as he exploded, but Roc got in at the last minute with Mynxee to take him down. We welcomed Mynxee to the fight and reshipped.

As the last of the Evati bases were secured, we joined up and Wieler asked how we would feel about taking the fight to the Amarr. The Bastards are natural rebels, and as long as their is profit we'll follow anyone. So we went. I went.

We warped as quickly as possible into Oyeman, from there we tracked down a few Amarr bases and began to do our work. I understand the Minmatar Militia may have more leaks than the Minmatar's Water Navy. It was just a few minutes after Weiler informed the Minmatar of a system that was contested that the Amarr fleets began to check the area out.

The next few moments are a blur to me, because of a very uncomfortable problem I suffered. According to the logs we had a Minmatar come into the system who was part of the Militia. He joined our fleet for a short time but began to act suspicious. He left and began to fly around watching us.

In the mean time we managed to down two griffins, and two thrashers.

I tried tackling a Catalyst and was smacked hard. Fortunately we had just commandeered a Kestral in system that someone had left. I hopped in and began to fly it around. The same Militia member from earlier started following us to planets. I tackled him down and he very quickly exploded my Kestral.

My warp system failed to engage. I had been commanding my pod to warp out since before my ship had exploded, but for some reason it failed to listen. My pod began to crack and that's all I remember.

The lovely Shae Tiann was kind enough to scoop my corpse and sell it back to me for only thirty million. I took it out into deep space and destroyed it. There is something really strange about losing your first clone. The twisted irony of your conciousness being effortlessly ripped from one body and placed in another.

I do know this: I will live forever.

Good Day.


  1. Sounds like a great night!

    Chat porn is well..leaning more towards the porn side than usual. Got a great laugh out of that.

    I really need to work something out between myself and Mynxee, and join up with one of your gangs. You guys have too much fun in Metropolis, and I want in on that action!

  2. Those FW guys had no idea how to pvp. I nearly had a malediction with my drones, alone, as he tried to run away and learned the hard way that not every drone-slinger is restricted to 50km range :p And the gang I dropped into later would have had me if only they'd had one scram -- just one -- among them. Fail.