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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hold On, Lets Not Be Hasty.

A drowning sorrow floods the deepest grief,
How long now?
Until the weather change condemns belief,
How long now?
When the night watchman lets in the thief.
Whats wrong now?
The Skids - The Saints Are Coming

Thukker Mix obviously knew what they were doing. The Cheetah is such a nice sleek ship, one almost couldn't imagine the death and destruction that ship has been able to cause in my hands. As it slipped out into the cold again my ship entered warp.

The bubble collapsed and I reoriented to warp to the Todifraun gate. As I entered warp I engaged my covert ops cloak. Space around me shimmered for a moment before the ship disappeared.

I requested clearance to jump through as I arrived, and my cloak never dropped. When I arrived in Todifraun I warped to planet six. The cloak reengaged immediately. I arrived and reoriented myself, hitting full speed before decloaking, hitting my afterburner, dropping a Ladar Quest Probe, and recloaking in one swift motion.

One hundred and thirty seconds later, I had a hit on the Hurricane. I warped to thirty and was surprised to find him in an open mission. He was literally five kilometers away from me. I called my support to warp to me and they did. He was pointed and after running a ship scan to determine he wasn't worth a ransom, he was killed in short order.

I warped back to the gate, then jumped into Evati. I docked at Kaalikota and smiled as I hopped out of my pod.

Good Day.

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