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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fragment Three

I get weary, and sick of trying
I'm tired of livin', but scared of dyin'
And old man river, he just keeps rollin' along.
Judy Garland - Ol' Man River

Janice looked up at the sky. She longed for the stars.

The Amarr masters were watching her. Her trip here had been brief. The Antapi had been peacefully exploring their solar system for millenia before the Amarr came. Now they were just one of many enslaved races moved from place to place. Her expertise in asteroid mining was useless to her in these fields. She just pulled the trej berries off the plants and put them into her basket.

The sky here was turquoise, and Janice closed her eyes for a moment as the twin orange suns evaporated the sweat from her brow.

"Get back to work!" A voice from across the fields echoed. She felt a small tingle in the collar around her neck and sighed. The master was angry again. He was never a very happy person. Janice picked another berry and moved onto the next plant.

One day she'd find a way out of here. She would be free. This was not the life she deserved. This was not the life she wanted. She wanted to cruise the stars.

She felt the collar buzz before it knocked her to the ground. She'd been distracted. The shock hurt severely, and it didn't stop. The master was making an example of her. She knew now. It wasn't going to stop.

She was going to be free.


OOC: To anyone who's thinking about correcting the lyrics at the top as Kern and Hammerstein(who did indeed write it) or any number of the other folks who performed it: No.

No one did it better.

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