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Monday, December 8, 2008

He Learned a Lesson

Well the two men took to fightin'
And when they pulled them from the floor
Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle
With a couple of pieces gone
Jim Croce - Bad Bad Leroy Brown

We set out with three Rifters, two Incursus', and a Punisher.

We noticed a Vagabond had followed us down the pipe, but he didn't seem to want to play. We warped into Todifraun and he did follow us into the system. We complained about gateguns on voice comms and decided to warp our little fleet to a planet. At planet one, we found an Ibis. Blood lust overrode common sense and we engaged. It went down fast and we had brand new global criminal countdowns. We decided to wait at the planet and hope someone would engage us, hoping for the Vagabond.

We scanned him down in the direction of the Arnher gate, so we decided to warp to planet Seven, which was a bit closer to him. We landed on the planet and sent someone to the gate he was sitting at. The scout came back and he followed soon after, landing sixty kilometers away from us. He started to orbit at a huge distance, and started playing with us. We kept mostly together, but Mynxee got caught out and nailed down by the Vagabond. We tried to help her, but the Vagabond pilot was playing it smart and keeping away from the rest of us. As Mynxee's ship exploded we got an order to warp out.

I looked over at Mynxee's wreck and had a better idea.

So I disobeyed the order.

Suddenly I'm the only frigate at the planet and I look like a tasty target. He apparently hit approach on me, And I hit orbit at five hundred on him. He closed inside web, and then scram range. Suddenly his oh so useful microwarp drive was shut down for good. He released his drones and they began to eat away at me.

I gave the call on Comms, having been quiet till that point, "He's scrammed. Warp to Hallan Turrek,". Someone actually felt like asking if that meant warp disruption or warp scrambling. I said as clearly as I could, "He's scrammed," again to get the point across.

He started to really wear me down, I had my armor repairer on and a damage control running. I caught on fire just as the first bits of the fleet came out of warp. Just as my pod popped out a second scram was called. The rest of the fleet came down on him hard. I heard that they were firing on him, and I made a point to say "Take his drones out first, take them out and he can't touch you,". They did that and I didn't even have time to get another rifter before he exploded.

The loot was scooped and we chuckled that a ship worth two hundred million was just killed by a bunch of ships worth a tenth of that, at best. He apparently didn't find it that amusing, and camped our station in Evati in a Maelstrom.

I wonder if he thought all we had were frigates.

I don't know. We pulled out some battleships and a battlecruiser and took him down. Fully rigged again, this time worth two hundred and seventy one million. I even got a few shots in with my rifter.

I didn't think we could top that for the night, so I docked up for good.

Ships you're not afraid to lose are always more fun.

Good day.

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