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Friday, December 12, 2008

You Get What You Give.

Crime and politics, little girl. Situation is always... fluid
Badger - Firefly

Mean Coalition, our current neighbors and erstwhile friends have decided that it's time for a fight. Now I hang out alot in Eifer and Gusandall, so I'm affected in that I have to be alot more careful not to give them a kill.

On the other hand, with the way they've performed lately, I may not have much to worry about. I was expecting more out of them than to just lay down and get owned, but it's certainly not a bad result so far. The Archon kill pretty much put our guys over on them for a while. I can only imagine what implants that Archon pilot lost with his clone.

Of course I missed the fight, but I got the after action report from a couple of folks, it was apparently a truly epic battle.

Even more importantly though, we've formed an alliance and have brought the Hellcats onboard. We are greatly enriched by their contributions and I'm glad to have them officially with us now. Mynxee and Shae were actually the first pilots I'd ever flown in a pirate gang with. It's always nice to see someone else along for the wild ride that is The Bastards.

I missed out on all the fun but I had alot of laughs as others came on voice comms later that night and reacted to missing it themselves.

Lets just say the Bastards really enjoy killing people and leave it at a chuckle.

You know what? It's still a good day.


  1. Yeah I missed the fight but it sounded good afterward on Vent :)

  2. I missed out too, thanks to an inconsiderate internet connection yesterday among other things. But sounds like it was quite a lot of fun...aren't they all? Hellcats are so happy to be allied with y'all!