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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Interview with Sokratesz

So, how long have you been playing?
3 years, 2 months

What have you done in Eve during that time?
Missioned for a few weeks, got into a small pvp corp, then a slightly bigger one, then R A, and unemployed for a month now. Been in TNT / IAC / TRI / AAA alliances most of which have one thing in common which is they kill shit.

What real life experiences do you have that will aid you in your elected position?
Experience with running/hosting meetings at uni, avid debater, experience with financing

What do you think of the recent Bob/Goonswarm fiasco, including the renaming of Kenzoku?
Can't express my opinion on that matter here I'm afraid.

What do you think of the re balancing of ECM?
Will have to see how it works out. Not amused with it, for starters.

What do you think of the re balancing of Stealth Bombers?
A step in the right direction that will need tweaking.

How much of an effect should players have on the broader Eve storyline?
No opinion.

Does it bother you that Veldspar is more profitable than any low sec minerals?
Yes and that will be part of one of the main issues I want to bring up, the rebalancing of high/low/0.0 sec income.

What's your opinion on current war declaration mechanics?
Fine with it, but would like to hear opinions of people involved with it daily. (eg. privateers, mercs)

What is the single largest imbalance in game, and how would you fix it?
Distribution of hi/lo/0.0 income sources.

Anything to add?
Yes, see you next year with a full blown campaign :)


  1. Did you ask him about his thoughts about his scam job in which he scammed someone out of a Wyvern?

  2. i think he got the money rather than the ship, but what would it matter?