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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Interview with Torda

Links to your forum thread and site.
Dont have one :(

So, how long have you been playing?
About 2 years now.

What have you done in Eve during that time?
Just about everything...........

What real life experiences do you have that will aid you in your elected position?
I've lived life on this planet for 42 years now, done many things and been many places. Been many things to many people, and the depth and breadth of my experiences will take me from here to there and beyond.

What do you think of the recent Bob/Goonswarm fiasco, including the renaming of Kenzoku?
Well, things happen. I've only heard rumors, so I dont really have an opinion on the subject.

What do you think of the re balancing of ECM?
Rebalancing? that was a rape lol

What do you think of the re balancing of Stealth Bombers?
Time will tell.

How much of an effect should players have on the broader Eve storyline?
It could be broader, perhaps a forum thread for players to voice their ideas would be a good place to start.

Does it bother you that Veldspar is more profitable than any low sec minerals?
No, not really, but what does bother me is that the current set up of mineral distribution is not consistent with reality. Ores found based on security status is non-sensical at best, and ludicrous at worst. There has to be a better way to work this thing than the current system.

What's your opinion on current war declaration mechanics?
Hmm, well theres problems with it as with most things in life. My current big gripe is that a corp that is war deced should not be allowed to join an alliance immediately to avoid the dec and force the decing corp to prosecute an un-winnable war against a much larger foe.

What is the single largest imbalance in game, and how would you fix it?
Hmm, that will require some thought and study on my part.

Anything to add?
It can be better, if we work together for it.

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